MAFS: Mitchell receives backlash after his ‘Shirtgate 2022’ fit

Mitch on Married at First Sight
Mitch and Krysten struggle to see eye to eye on flipping houses and shirts. Pic credit: Lifetime

The latest episode of Married at First Sight Season 15 featured an innocent prank gone wrong. 

Before their group therapy session, The MAFS Season 15 wives agreed to convince their husbands to wear the same blue and white striped shirt as a humorous surprise to the men. 

Mitch, who has many strong opinions, told his wife Krysten that he would not wear the shirt because it didn’t represent him or his style. 

Even after Krysten informed him of the prank, Mitch still appeared to throw a fit and be aggressively adamant that he would not wear the shirt. 

Eventually, Mitch compromised by agreeing to wear the shirt when he first arrived at the group meeting. Still, he quickly changed into a different shirt and gave a speech about why he didn’t want to be forced to do or wear anything, especially when “materialism” was involved. 

Krysten coined the fiasco “Shirtgate 2022,” and MAFS viewers had much to say about Mitch’s tempestuous behavior. 

MAFS viewers think Mitch threw a ‘Mitch fit’ 

A fan made a pun regarding Mitch’s outburst, writing, “Omg. He’s throwing a Mitch fit! Over an unapproved Mitch fit!” 

Another uses caps as they wrote, “Mitch…ITS A SHIRT. Chile.” 

One critic shared, “Mitch’s attitude is hard to watch. I can’t imagine how annoying he is in person.”

A MAFS viewer felt triggered, writing, “Mitch was triggered by wearing a shirt his wife bought him. It was ‘materialistic’ for her to spend money on said shirt. Lord, Mitch is triggering me.” 

An exasperated critic tweeted, “When you just tryin to have a normal conversation but Mitch has to figure out a way to make himself sound woke.” 

MAFS viewers comment on Krysten’s patience 

A MAFS viewer shared, “Krysten has the patience of saint having to deal with a narcissistic guy like Mitch. He can’t put other’s feelings before his own for a minute.” 

Another Twitter user felt Krysten was perhaps too patient and accepting, writing, “I don’t like the way Krysten is eating up the crumbs Mitch is giving her. Meanwhile, Mitch finds so much issue with her.” 

Calling out Mitch’s double standard with Krysten, a viewer tweeted, “Mitch continues to tell Krysten something is wrong with the way she does things but doesn’t want to be told the things he does are wrong? This dude and his double standards need a reality check.” 

It remains to be seen how long Krysten will remain “Team Mitch” as Married at First Sight Season 15 continues. 

Married at First Sight airs Mondays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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1 year ago

Omg, why did Mitch sign up for this venture. This guy is not cut out to be with anybody. His rules if not he’s out. My advice to Kristen, turn around and run. Marriage is a two way street, Mitch!!!!!!!