MAFS: Michaela Clark wants critics to shut up about her wigs

Michaela Clark in green
Michaela Clark has a message for her wig critics. Pic credit: Lifetime

Michaela Clark is fed up with the haters and not just the ones critiquing her behavior but the ones critiquing her wigs as well.

Michaela recently shared a video to directly address those that criticize her hair choices.

Michaela Clark suggests critics should shut up about her hair 

On Married at First Sight Season 13, Michaela often wore a series of different hairstyles. From short natural curls, to box braids, to various wigs, Michael’s look was ever-changing. 

Some MAFS viewers were not fond of some of Michaela’s wigs as they felt some of them weren’t very complimentary. 

Since making her social media public, Michaela has continued to share photos of herself in different wigs, even trying a bold blonde color. 

It seems she’s received a lot of critique and negative comments surrounding her wigs, and she decided to make a video to reveal where she stands with the critique. 

In the video, Michaela mouths the words to an audio clip, and she wrote text above the video that reads, “Me every time someone critiques my wigs” with a laughing emoji.

Notable lines from the audio include the first line where Michaela mouths the words saying, “When I want your critique, I’ll ask…And I’ll still tell you to shut the f*** up.”

The audio and Michaela grow more indignant as she mouths, “You act like you’re this big spiritual guru and you have not exhibited one ounce of kindness to a single person. And wipe that smirk off your f****** face.”

The video ends with Michaela getting close to the camera and mouthing, “No you’re out. Out!” 

Based on the video, it’s safe to say Michaela wants her wig-haters to keep their comments to themselves unless she specifically asks for hair tips. 

Michaela Clark stares
Pic credit: @she_is_mic/Instagram

Michaela has called out social media bullying before 

Michaela’s wig issue isn’t the first time she’s addressed negative comments. 

In the past, Michaela revealed that she had seen some disgusting comments and bullying on social media and urged people to practice kindness. 

After exhibiting alarming outbursts and emotional ups and downs on Married at First Sight Season 13, Michaela was diagnosed with ADHD. 

She vulnerably shared about the emotional response she had when learning of her diagnosis, and fortunately, it seems people have refrained from being negative and have been overall supportive as she navigates this new discovery about herself. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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