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MAFS: Lindsey says Mark ‘plays it up for the cameras’ but viewers call her out on her behavior

Married at First Sight star Lindsey Georgoulis gets slammed by viewers after criticizing Mark Maher.
Lindsey says Mark is playing it up for the cameras. Pic credit: Lifetime

Lindsey Georgoulis had a lot to say about Mark Maher during her appearance on the Married at First Sight After Party but viewers countered with comments about her own behavior.

Lindsey didn’t exactly have glowing reviews about her husband following another intense encounter during the last episode.

She claimed that Mark is a different person than the one we see on TV and accused him of having an inflated opinion of himself. This is not the first time that Lindsey has accused her husband of playing it up for the cameras. She’s also said it to his face more than once.

However, during her recent chat, Lindsey went into more details about other aspects of his personality that audiences don’t get to see.

Lindsey accuses Mark of playing it up for the MAFS cameras

Lindsey joined her castmates Noi and Jasmina, on the Married at First Sight After Party. When it was her time to dish about her husband, she didn’t hold back.

“I really feel like there [are] two versions of Mark. The Mark that plays it up for the cameras and the Mark at home” said Lindsey. “He’s very inflated, his view of himself and it’s not accurate and it’s really frustrating.”

Host, Keisha Knight Pulliam then asked Lindsey what she could have done differently given the ongoing issues in her marriage. Lindsey’s response didn’t sit well with viewers who felt she wasn’t taking accountability for her part in their tumultuous relationship.

“I think I could’ve probably spoken a little slower and with a better tone,” said Lindsey — referring back to her heated argument with Mark. “Delivery is definitely something I could work on.”

MAFS viewers clap back at Lindsey after she criticises Mark

After Lindsey expressed her frustrations about Mark, some people came to her defense.

However, many Married at First Sight viewers pointed out that Lindsey is a major problem in the relationship as well.

Lindsey has been known to throw some low blows at Mark.

A recent hot mic moment caught her degrading him after an argument and making cruel comments about his home. Critics pointed out that she also doesn’t admit to her wrongs.

“What I can’t respect about Lindsey is she goes on these rants and doesn’t take any accountability for her actions,” wrote one person.

MAFS viewers slam Lindsey Georgoulis for her behavior.
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

Someone also noted that the MAFS star “plays the victim and doesn’t listen to Mark or take responsibility for her shameful remarks.”

MAFS viewers slam Lindsey Georgoulis for her behavior.
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

One Instagram user responded to Lindsey’s comment about Mark and added, “I think she is the one with the inflated view of herself.”

MAFS viewers slam Lindsey Georgoulis for her behavior.
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

Who do you think is causing the most harm to the marriage, Mark or Lindsey?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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  1. Lindsay…. you’ve got to get a filter!! You just blurt out whatever is on your mind, not taking care of how your delivery is. You constantly criticize Mark for every little thing you get annoyed about, which is everything! Calm down, try to be positive with your words and I think Mark will respect what you have to say. You totally embarrass him around your new friends. Count to 10 before you speak, and chose to be a positive person, not a negative Nellie.

  2. Yep, no filter at all and she knows it. When she’s called out on her behavior she agrees it’s over the top and says she’s not changing for anyone. She doesn’t care if she insults, provokes, or annoys people – it’s her thing and other people should accept it, according to her.

  3. I believe she’s been thru so much with her family that she has a wall up and doesn’t take responsibility for her part. Degrading someone when arguing is so wrong. I like Mark and he makes valid points when she asct out against the other women on the show.


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