MAFS: Lindsey Georgoulis reflects on past cancer scare, thankful to be healthy and happy

Lindsey Georgoulis
Lindsey Georgoulis appeared on Married at First Sight Season 14. Pic credit: @asknurselindsey/Instagram

Lindsey Georgoulis is an outspoken advocate for healthy living and recently got open about her own health. 

Years ago, Lindsey had a near brush with cancer. 

Lindsey shared a post from 2014 when she got the relieving news that she was cancer free. 

In the post’s caption, Lindsey shared about her health scare and the process of locating an undetected mass in her bladder. 

Lindsey credited her confidence and knowledge as a nurse in helping her get through the situation.

She also thanked the ‘big guy in the sky.’

Lindsey Georgoulis talks ‘whirlwind’ health scare

Lindsey Georgoulis took to Instagram to share an 8-year-old post from September 3, 2014. 

In the 2014 post, Lindsey exclaimed, “Just had my follow up with my urologist and I’m happy to say I’m officially CANCER FREE now!!”

Lindsey offered more insight about her experience in the caption.

The caption began, “A lot has happened in the past 8 years. The whirlwind of this experience still continues to confuse and amaze me. I went to the urgent care on a Friday to do a urine test for what I suspected was a UTI. They kept me there for 6 hours digging and digging at why I had frequency, urgency, and back pain? (Ummm I’m a nurse and always have back pain?).” 

Lindsey continued, “One transvaginal ultrasound later and they found a mass in my bladder that was never pictured on later MRIs or scans. That Monday I got a PCP, Tuesday a Cat Scan, Wednesday I saw a urologist for a cystoscopy, and Thursday (6days later!) I had a Transurethral Bladder Resection with biopsy..”

She concluded her caption by writing, “First off this is unheard of, but I used my confidence and knowledge to advocate for what I wanted and needed. #thanks for looking out big guy in the sky. #nurse #cancer #health.”

Lindsey Georgoulis enjoys Napa for Labor Day weekend 

Lindsey is in good health and in good spirits now as she enjoyed a tranquil trip to Napa. 

The Married at First Sight star shared a photo from her Labor Day weekend as she smiled in a white top and shorts while wearing a hat and sunglasses. 

Lindsey captioned the post, “What did you do for Labor Day weekend? Tell me below! ??I explored Napa for the first time. A quick 90min trip North and the opportunity to try some amazing wine and food. Even better company. Pictured. A blonde woman in a hat and oversized sunglasses. Sitting in a rattan chair smiling ear to ear without a care in the world.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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