MAFS: Krysten warns she’s about to snap in marriage with Mitch

Krysten on Married at First Sight
Krysten and Mitch share thoughts on their marriage. Pic credit: Lifetime

Krysten got honest about her marriage with Mitch in the latest episode of Married at First Sight. 

At the start of the season, it appeared Krysten and Mitch’s relationship was doomed as Mitch admitted to lacking physical attraction to Krysten. 

However, Krysten was resilient and chose to stay hopeful and committed to the marriage, leading Mitch to grow in attraction to her. 

While Mitch and Krysten haven’t always seen eye to eye, such as their contrasting views on flipping homes and Shirtgate 2022, they’ve come a long way. 

During a recent group dinner, Mitch and Krysten gave an update on how they’re doing in their marriage. 

Krysten got real as she shared that she feels the main reason they’re doing well is because of the effort she’s putting in, but she admitted if she continues to cast herself to the side for Mitch, she may snap. 

MAFS viewers applauded Krysten’s honesty and agreed with her assessment. 

MAFS viewers praise Krysten after being on the verge of snapping 

Krysten had MAFS viewers’ support after she got candid about their relationship. 

A fan tweeted, “The world can relate Krysten. We snapped on Mitch weeks ago. We’re waiting for you to snap.” 

Another viewer wrote, “Krysten finally calls it. ‘When does Krysten get to be Krysten?’ So happy she said it.” “So much credit to Mitch. ‘I showed up ready to be a wife!’” 

One fan wrote, “Yessss Krysten, she finally speaking the truth. she deserves all her flowers for dealing with Mitch this long!” 

A supporter tweeted, “listening to krysten talk about this grueling marriage at this dinner party…girl, go awf.” 

A commenter also expressed, “Krysten spitting facts…at the most awkward possible time is giving me life!!!!” 

MAFS viewers applaud Krysten’s character 

Krysten is becoming a fan favorite for some viewers, with one supporter writing, “Krysten is one of the realest people in the show’s history.”

A fan shared, “I just love Krysten! She’s so articulate, mature, and graceful.”

Another supporter tweeted, “Krysten, you deserve someone who’d accept you for you, ALL of you! You are sweet, caring, accommodating…don’t settle.” 

Stay tuned to see how Krysten and Mitch’s marriage progresses as Married at First Sight Season 15 continues. 

Morgan and Binh didn’t show up to the couples’ group date

While couples like Krysten and Mitch and Justin and Alexis confronted their issues at the group dinner, one couple wasn’t in attendance. 

Morgan and Binh hit a roadblock in their relationship and were too at odds to join the other couples for dinner. 

Earlier in the episode, Morgan and Binh had a heated exchange when they were supposed to be celebrating their one-month anniversary. 

Morgan suggested Binh lied to her face multiple times by discussing their marriage with costar Justin. 

Morgan declared that she no longer trusted nor respected Binh while also saying that she would stay in the marriage just so that Binh could wake up every day and see her face and how much he hurt her. 

In previews for the upcoming episode of Married at First Sight, it looks like Morgan will face off with Binh in front of the other couples, and it remains to be seen how and if the two will repair their relationship. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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