MAFS: Katina Goode shares proof that her marriage to Olajuwon Dickerson is still going strong

Married at First Sight's Katina Good wants fans to know her marriage is still going strong.
Katina Goode shows proof that her marriage is still solid. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 14 of Married at First Sight introduced fans to Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson. Despite the expert’s assurance that they were a solid match, many fans thought the couple was doomed from the start.

The two had their fair share of arguments and rocky moments which often made it hard for viewers to root for them. However, they chose to stay together on Decision Day and continue working on their marriage.

Now, roughly a year since meeting, the couple wants to let everyone who doubted them know that their relationship is still going strong.

Katina proves her marriage is solid

Wanting to prove the haters wrong, Katina took to Instagram recently to show proof that her marriage is doing just fine.

She posted a photo to her nearly 51K followers showing herself snuggled up to her husband. The two are matching wearing white tops and blue jeans as they sit on the floor of their apartment.

Katina sits cozily between her husband’s legs as he wraps one arm around her, and they share a kiss. Also on the floor, fans can see the cat the couple recently adopted being held by Olajuwon.

She captioned her post saying, “What means the world to you?” It is unclear what the meaning of the phrase is, but perhaps it has significance for the couple.

The photo is a clear statement to all those who doubted these two would last beyond Decision Day. More than once, viewers criticized Olajuwon for the way he spoke to this bride, and begged Katina to leave him.

By the reunion episode, the couple stated they had worked through their differences and were committed to making their marriage last. They both stated they’ve learned the importance of compromise and patience. It seems to be working for them, as they now just 1 of 2 couples from their season who are still together.

The Season 14 cast members have become close friends

During her time on the show, Katina bonded with most of the ladies in the cast. Their friendships continued after the show ended and Katina says they are now like family.

Although most of the couples have now separated, many of them remain cordial with one another. Despite being divorced, they believe they’ve established good friendships that will last for years. The cast often reunites to hangout or celebrate different occasions, proving they still care for each other.

Most recently, the gang came together to celebrate Katina’s birthday. Mark and Lindsey were noticeably missing from the event, however. Although the two endured a nasty divorce, Katina remains friends with them both and wishes them well.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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