MAFS: Karen and Miles add the cutest new family member, ask for tips

MAFS Miles smiles with his new puppy.
MAFS Miles is over the moon for his new puppy. Pic credit: Lifetime

Meet Ali, the newest member of the Married at First Sight family. Ali is the newest addition to Season 11’s Karen Landry and Miles Williams’s family and the couple is over the moon for their new fur baby.

Karen, Miles and a puppy makes three

Married at First Sight Season 11’s Karen and Miles Williams decided to expand their family. Not with a human baby, at least not yet, but with a fur baby.

The recent Couples Cam episode revealed Karen surprised Miles with a Goldendoodle puppy for his birthday that the couple named Ali, after the boxer, Mohammed Ali.

The two are thrilled with their newest addition but as new pet parents, they could use a little help.

Karen and Miles took to social media to ask for recommendations for their newest family member.

Karen asked if anyone had any tips, or recommendations of dog trainers, groomers, etc. in the New Orleans area so that they could get their puppy off to a good start. And no wonder a groomer made the top of the couple’s list — look at all that puppy fluff!

Karen also took a moment to thank the breeder she got the puppy from and let them know they were in love with their newest addition.

The puppy arrived just in time

It’s been a rough road for Karen and Miles Williams. The two married during a pandemic among other things and did not have the smoothest start to their relationship.

Fans often fired at Karen during the season for her treatment of Miles, as she continued to feel Miles was just playing a role and was not actually a good person. She refused to hold hands with him or connect on a more intimate level.

Karen revealed her past relationships had caused her to have trust issues and it was difficult for her to open up.

Finally, Miles’s patience won the day as Karen began to slowly open up to him and the two finally fell in love. The couple’s relationship evolved and truly proved slow and steady can win the race.

Then just as the twos’ relationship began to take shape, the pandemic hit another round, and Miles’s depression began to escalate. Karen worked hard to cheer him up and try to be there for him, but it was clearly a struggle for Miles to keep his spirits up.

Finally, as he began to even out again, Hurricane Ida swept through New Orleans and the two had to evacuate. Geeze … can these two catch a break?

Miles had to celebrate his birthday at his sister’s apartment in North Carolina while he and Karen wondered what they would come home to as their apartment had no water or power for several days.

But the damage to the couple’s apartment was minimal and Karen had a plan to give Miles the birthday he deserved. She thought a new puppy might lift his spirits and boy, did it ever.

When Miles walked in to see the new puppy, his face lit up like a kid on Christmas. We haven’t seen a smile like that on Miles in a long time.

It seems little Ali showed up just in time to help these two have a very happy holiday season.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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