MAFS: Jose personally delivers ‘swag bag’ to young NASA fan before she undergoes surgery

Married at First Sight star Jose San Miguel jr visits a young NASA fan before her surgery
Jose San Miguel Jr does a good deed for a young fan. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight star Jose San Miguel Jr. just did a good deed for a little girl who’s about to undergo surgery. He shared a post on social media en route the visit the “little warrior” and deliver a special gift to her.

As it turns out, the little girl is a fan of NASA, so Jose brought her a swag bag of goodies to lift her spirits before the big operation.

The sweet gesture garnered lots of positive feedback from followers as the MAFS star shared some positive words that all would go well.

Jose noted that the little girl is the daughter of one of his near and dear fans, and she is about to undergo lung surgery, so he wanted to do something to lift their spirits.

Jose brings swag bag to young NASA fan before her operation

The Married at First Sight shared a video and an accompanying message on Instagram a few hours ago while driving to see the fan’s daughter.

In the video, Jose noted, “I have a near and dear fan to me that, unfortunately, her daughter is going through a procedure tomorrow at Texas children’s hospital.”

He continued, “She’s going through a pulmonary transplant, so I understand that…her anxiety level is high, to say the least. But I also heard that she’s a fan of NASA, so I said, well let me go ahead and just put together a quick little swag bag for her and surprise them this evening.”

Jose, who is a mission flight specialist for NASA, also sent some encouraging words to the young girl.

“You’re gonna do great. You’re gonna do fine. We serve a great God, and he’s able to move mountains,” said Jose. “When you get discharged, we’ll go have lunch. We’ll go do something. You’re gonna do fine, and can’t wait to meet you.”

Jose sends prayers for fan’s daughter before her surgery

The Married at First sight star also shared a message and asked his followers to pray for the little girl and her family.

Life’s challenges and hurdles reach us at different stages and paths in life, some younger than others,” wrote Jose. “Tonight I had the honor to pay an amazing little warrior and fan of the show a visit tonight as she is going through a tough stretch in life.”

He continued, “Tomorrow, she is going to be admitted into @texaschildrens for a procedure most never wish to experience. Her attitude and fight is resilient. However, the task at hand is quite challenging.”

“As I told her, ‘We serve a great God, and there is nothing he can’t do.’ Once strangers and fans of the show, forever like family to me. You’ll FOREVER have my love and support. Sending prayer up, always,” he added.

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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