MAFS: Jasmina Outar enjoys game night with Katina Goode

Married at First Sight alum Jasmina Outar is still friends with Katina Goode.
Jasmina Outar enjoys a night out with a fellow MAFS alum. Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Fans of Married at First Sight first met Jasmina Outar during Season 14 of the show.

During the show, Jasmina become close friends with fellow participant, Katina Goode. They were each other’s support as they navigated the unique experience of marrying a stranger.

Since their season has ended, they have remained great friends, and often share their glimpses of their outings with their social media followers.

Recently, the two linked up for a fun game night complete with drinks, the Uno card game, and what appears to be lots of laughs.

Jasmina shared a photo of the two ladies enjoying their night out together. They sat on a brown couch together as Jasmina draped her legs over Katina’s lap.

While Katina smiled, looking directly into the camera, Jasmina had her eyes closed with her head tilted upward as she smiled.

Jasmina Outar and Katina Goode have a game night

Jasmina Outar and Katina Goode enjoy a game night together.
Jasmina Outar shares a night out with Katina Goode. Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Jasmina also shared another photo of just herself. The closeup pic is a bit blurry and shows her looking more serious but still flawless.

Jasmina Outar takes a selfie as she enjoys a night out.
Jasmina Outar enjoys her night out. Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Taking place in Boston for the second time, Jasmina’s season was controversial due to the lack of communication amongst most participants, and one couple choosing to exit the show just days into their marriage.

Jasmina became one of the most talked about brides of the season. She blindly married Michael Morency, and the two struggled to make a connection after their wedding.

Although they shared some commonalities within their backgrounds and hopes for the future, they never seemed to be on the same page with one another.

Constant arguing and a lack of affection and intimacy caused Jasmina and Michael to end their short marriage. They did, however, agree to remain friends.

And while Jasmina did not leave the show with a lifelong partner, she did walk away with a friendship that she believes will stand the test of time.

The Season 14 cast of MAFS is still close

Jasmina and Katina aren’t the only ones from their season who have stayed in contact with one another. Many of the cast members have become close friends and continue to hang out regularly.

Noi and Alyssa have gotten close despite Alyssa leaving the show within the first few weeks. The ladies have spent many weekends together shopping and enjoying time at the beach.

Steve has also stayed close to many of the men from his season. He even credits them for helping him cope with his marriage ending and supporting him as he transitions back into the bachelor life.

The cast has said they are like family and will continue to be there for one another though the ups and downs of life.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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