MAFS: Jamie Otis shows off bikini body, admits to starving herself as a child

Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis rocks a bikini at the pool and shares a body positive message.
Jamie Otis shows off her bikini body while sharing a personal message. Pic credit: Lifetime

Since appearing in the very first season of Married at First Sight, Jamie Otis has grown a large of following on social media.

Not only did her decision to marry a stranger intrigue viewers, but she also became an inspiration to many.

After Jamie’s first pregnancy, she experienced some changes in her body, specifically with her physical appearance. This led her to become vocal about learning to accept her body in various states.

The more she shared her journey of body positivity, the more she realized others were sharing their stories with her. Before long, Jamie turned her platform into a safe space for others to be vulnerable and feel confident sharing how they are learning to love themselves.

Continuing her quest to be transparent, Jamie often shares photos of herself in swimsuits and other clothing that highlights parts of her that may be considered problem areas.

Jamie recently shared a video to her followers showing off her body in a bikini. Not only did she use her post to empower, but she took the time to share a secret from her childhood.

MAFS star Jamie Otis reveals she starved herself while growing up

On her Instagram account, Jamie posted a video of herself enjoying time in the pool with her son, Hendrix. While rocking a floral bikini, she is seen lip-synching to a song called “Victoria’s Secret” by the artist, Jax.

The body positive song speaks about admiring Victoria’s Secret models and comparing one’s body to them. Jamie, identifying with the song, wrote a caption saying, “Victoria’s Secret has been revealed…if only this song existed when I was a little girl starving myself to look like the ‘angels’ I saw on TV.”

Also in her caption, Jamie included the lyrics that she sang along to. She wrote, “’God, I wish somebody would’ve told me – when I was younger – that all bodies aren’t the same. Photoshop, itty bitty models on magazine covers told me I was overweight.?? I stopped eating. What a bummer. Can’t have carbs and a hot girl summer.??‍♀️’”

As she dances and shows off her body, Jamie sings along to the song, emphasizing the lyrics she felt connected to the most.

She went on to add additional lyrics that said, “’If I could go back and tell myself when I was younger, I’d say, psst: I know Victoria’s Secret & girl, you wouldn’t believe it! ??????She’s an old man who lives in Ohio making money off of girls like me……??????”

Jamie Otis says she’s raising her son to respect women’s bodies

Continuing the caption on her post, Jamie credits the artist, Jax, who competed on Season 14 of American Idol. She calls the song “amazing” and compliments the singer.

After recording herself enjoying the uplifting song, Jamie shares a message about her plans for her son. She says she intends to raise him to not only be respectful of women, but to also respect “their bodies, their voices, and their choices.”

Jamie also reveals she is planning to watch a documentary about Victoria’s Secret and the owner of the company. She states he allegedly abused multiple women and is connected to some people who are perceived poorly.

As open and transparent as she has been about her body and how she views herself, it’s clear that Jamie’s desire to spread body positivity is just beginning.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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