MAFS: Jamie Otis gets teary-eyed over daughter’s first day of kindergarten

MAFS' Jamie Otis
Jamie Otis gets emotional as her daughter starts kindergarten. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie Otis is celebrating another proud milestone for her family.

The Married at First Sight veteran just watched her daughter enter kindergarten.

Henley Grace is Jamie and husband Doug’s oldest child. They also have a son, Hendrix, who is still a few years shy from starting school.

Jamie has been anticipating this moment for quite a while. The family even planned a months-long road trip earlier this year to spend more time together before their daughter officially became a student.

On Henley’s first day, Jamie shared her emotions with her followers on social media.

Not only did she share her feelings on watching her baby girl grow up, but she also asked for advice on how to handle this major adjustment.

Jamie Otis tries not to cry watching her daughter start school

In a recent Instagram post, Jamie shared the details of sending her daughter to school for the first time.

She posted a couple of photos of herself posing with her husband and their daughter as they prepared for Henley’s first day of kindergarten.

In her caption, Jamie revealed the roller coaster of emotions she felt from the day. She wrote, “My baby is starting kindergarten this week. We just met her teacher & saw her classroom. It took *everything* in me not to cry ugly, happy tears right there in her classroom. Don’t zoom in on that second pic or you’ll see some glassy eyes!”

Jamie continued her caption by explaining how special being a mom is to her and why this moment meant so much. She said, “I know it sounds so cliché, but I’ve dreamed of being a mommy and having moments like this with a family of my own….it seemed like it was taking FOREVER to have a family while we were trying to conceive and now it seems like my first little rainbow baby is growing up way too fast!”

To conclude her post, Jamie asked experienced parents for advice during this transition period. She wrote, “We’re new to sending kiddos to school bc this is our first in kindergarten…any tips from season mamas?! I’m all ears!”

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner want more kids

Amid the emotions of their oldest starting school, Jamie and Doug are hoping to continue expanding their family.

Currently they are parents of two kids, but they hope to add another baby very soon. They want their kids to be close in age, so they revealed they are once again trying to conceive.

Sadly, Jamie and Doug have experienced multiple miscarriages and loss during their marriage. Jamie has been transparent about her fertility struggles but says they believe they will be successful in their journey.

Already having a girl and a boy, the couple have not shared if they have a preference for the gender of their next baby. They are just hoping to conceive and deliver a healthy baby with no additional complications.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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