MAFS: Jamie Otis chimes in on upcoming drama between Zack and Michaela

MAFS alum Jamie Otis has quite a bit to say about Zack and Michaela o
Jamie Otis comments on Michaela and Zack’s marriage. Pic credit: Lifetime

A clip for tonight’s episode of Married at First Sight has a lot of people chiming in on Zack and Michaela’s relationship. One person commenting on the newlyweds is MAFS alum, Jamie Otis.

The couple has already gone through a tough period having to cut their honeymoon short after Zack tested positive for COVID-19. Michaela tested negative so she returned home to Houston while Zack remained in Florida to quarantine.

However, in a clip for tonight’s episode, Zack and Michaela have reunited as the couples return home and move in together. However, living together is already proving challenging.

Michaela and Zack have their first argument

In a clip for the upcoming episode, the couple talked about the ways in which they argue and Michaela noted that storming off during an argument is a no-no and a sign of “abandonment.”

However, during their first argument, the 30-year-old contradicted herself after she woke up one morning and her husband wasn’t in the apartment.

“I woke up this morning and Zack is not here,” said Michaela. “He left the apartment without informing me of anything, no phone calls, no text message to my phone, nothing and so I’m out.”

In the video, Michaela was seen gathering her bags and leaving the apartment.

In another scene, Zack confronts Michaela about the situation that caused her to leave and expressed that her behavior was a major turnoff.

During their chat, Michaela explained to her husband that she was mad because he was gone when she woke up.

“So you thought I was gonna be gone forever…Is that why you left today?” He asked.

“Yeah,” responded Michaela.

“We actually talked about how we would handle a situation, like who would leave,” said Zack laughingly.

“It’s not funny” retorted Michaela.

“It’s funny as f**k to me,” responded Zack.

“This is a red flag because I dealt with this in the past and I hate this type of behavior and I don’t know if it’s gonna work out for me now,” noted Zack in his confessional.

Jamie Otis comments on Zack and Michaela

Married a First Sight alum Jamie Otis certainly knows a thing or two about marrying a stranger and she chimed in on Zack and Michaela’s relationship.

“This couple had so…much…chemistry… but now, Yikes !!! Is this a red flag?” commented Jamie. “Well, I mean, she said herself storming off is ‘like abandoning people’ but then she did it …. Def doesn’t look good. I see why her family calls her ‘Hurricane K’ now.”

She added, “In her defense, anyone who signs up to be married at first sight obvs needs help from experts so if she’s aware she needs help and she tries to change (& Zack is PATIENT w her) I could see these guys getting their spark back! “

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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