MAFS: Greg and Deonna Okotie give their take on the latest couples to tie the knot

Deonna and Greg Okotie
Greg and Deonna Okotie share their thoughts on the MAFS Season 15 couples. Pic credit: @deonna.mcneill/Instagram

Greg and Deonna Okotie are one of the 13 Married at First Sight couples who are still together.

The two met during Season 9 when experts thought their lifestyles and religious views would be a good fit. Fortunately, they were correct.

When they joined the show, Deonna had been single for nearly a decade, and Greg was healing from a broken engagement. Somehow, they managed to work through their relationship fears, and have created a beautiful life for themselves.

Since being on MAFS, they have become well-liked by viewers. So much so, that they’ve started to share their thoughts and commentary on each season of the show since their appearance.

With Season 15 underway, Greg and Deonna had some thoughts on the first few episodes which featured 3 of the 5 couples getting married.

The Okoties provided their predictions on the new couples through an exclusive article for People. There, the duo recapped the early episodes of the season and shared their reactions to seeing a group of strangers agreeing to get married.

Greg and Deonna have hope for the Season 15 couples

The Okoties sat down and watched the five latest pairs of strangers prepare for their wedding days. In their recap, they gave their initial impressions of the cast while pointing out any red flags they noticed.

They started with Stacia and Nate. Stacia feels MAFS is her last hope for love, while Nate is excited to put his fate in the hands of the experts.

While watching their wedding take place, Greg and Deonna said they noticed the couple had a strong connection upon meeting. They pointed out Stacia’s preference for tough guys, but feared Nate may be too wild and crazy for her.

As for their final predictions, the Okoties said, “We feel optimistic about these two.” They added their hope that Stacia and Nate will funnel the hard work they put into their careers into nurturing their marriage as well.

Next, they discussed Alexis, who says she is beyond ready for marriage, and Justin, who believes he will be a great husband to someone who appreciates his kindness.

Greg and Deonna felt this couple had “so much chemistry and passion” as they watched them get married and enjoy their reception. Justin revealed he was celibate, which took Alexis by surprise. When they noticed her reaction, Greg and Deonna said they “cringed.”

They are hoping Alexis will become more understanding and accepting of Justin’s decision. If so, they feel the couple has a chance to grow their relationship into something special.

Lindy and Miguel were the next couple to get hitched. She is fed up with dating, and he is curious if this experiment can really work.

The Okoties pointed out their extremely different personalities, hoping Lindy and Miguel would complement each other well. Lindy tends to analyze things intensely while Miguel is more lighthearted and relaxed.

Greg and Deonna also noticed the pair both had great support from their friends who provided great advice. Because of this, they believe Lindy and Miguel are a great match who have the potential for a lasting marriage.

Season 15 hit a few bumps in the road

The initial meetings didn’t all go as smoothly as expected. Morgan, a nurse, and Binh, an engineer, were set to get married in the latest episode. Unfortunately, Binh contracted Covid, causing their wedding to be postponed.

Despite the circumstances, Greg and Deonna were able to learn about the couple and set their predictions. About Morgan, they felt she “has natural concerns and apprehensions about getting married at first sight.” They are nervous that delaying the wedding may cause her to overthink and put a damper on their journey.

They noticed Binh was very close to his mom and shared how he hopes his future bride has the same character traits as she does. The Okoties don’t think their relationship will be a problem and hope his affection for his mother simply foreshadows how he will treat his bride.

Lastly, they revealed their thoughts on Krysten and Mitch. This couple seemed to be the ones Greg and Deonna were most concerned about. The episode ended before their wedding took place, however, their journey to the altar was shown.

Krysten had a bad experience with her last relationship and Mitch admitted to being afraid of commitment. Immediately the red flags were flying, and Greg and Deonna stated they hoped these two were ready for this big step.

The Okoties pointed out a potential problem with Mitch’s temper that could lead to communication issues in their marriage. Additionally, Krysten’s dad was less than excited about the news of her nuptials. Greg and Deonna were less than impressed with that conversation and feared that Krysten may not have her dad present on her wedding day.

In the end, Greg and Deonna hope all the couples can overcome their obstacles and make their marriages work. They will continue to watch and share their thoughts as the episodes continue to air.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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