MAFS fans tell Emily and Lauren ‘no thanks’ as they promote Meet and Greet event

MAFS stars Lauren Good and Emily Balch
Lauren Good and Emily Balch are still getting bashed online. Pic credit: Lifetime

Emily Balch and Lauren Good are trying to take advantage of their reality TV fame, but Married at First Sight fans aren’t having it.

The Season 17 besties are planning a meet and greet event in the next few days, but fans of the show say “no thanks.”

After the promotional post was shared online, the twosome got dragged, with people noting they had no desire to meet or greet Emily and Lauren.

After a shocking revelation at the reunion, the duo and their pink pact have been getting heat online from frustrated MAFS viewers.

After siding with the wives and bashing the husbands for most of the season, viewers realized they were bamboozled by the cast from the very beginning.

Four of the five couples on the show had met earlier in the season and devised a plan to fake storylines and deceive everyone.

They wanted fame and social media followers without actually committing to the MAFS process, and after all the revelations came to light, viewers wanted to bid good riddance to the Denver cast for good.

MAFS fans troll Emily and Lauren over meet and greet

Emily and Lauren are determined to get their 15 minutes of fame whether you like it or not, and the women are gearing up for their first post-MAFS event.

Emily shared a post in collaboration with a medspa, asking people to come out and meet the two women.

The promotional video showed a reunion photo of Lauren and Emily clad in their pink dresses while smiling for the snap.

“Married at First Sight Meet and Greet with Lauren and Emily,” the promo read, “Friday, May 31, special invite only.”

Meanwhile, MAFS fans have absolutely no interest in seeing the women, and they took to the comments to express that.

“Would rather have a root canal and colonoscopy, simultaneously,” responded an Instagram user.

“Lmao NO THANKS 😂,” added someone else.

One commenter asked, “Why would we want this??? Horrible.”

Another person questioned, “Why are we still seeing these women? They were boring 💤 on the show and now they want your 💵😂.”

MAFS fans blast Emily and Lauren on Instagram
Pic credit: @specialtydripps/Instagram

Some cast members are still keeping a low profile on social media

Lauren and Emily have been bold enough to go public on Instagram amid the ongoing backlash against them from MAFS viewers, but their besties, Clare Kerr and Becca Haley, are still lying low.

Clare has been getting the most hate this season, with many accusing her of playing a major role in the demise of the women’s marriages.

As for Becca, she’s getting called out for her behavior toward the men at the reunion and being part of a toxic clique with Emily, Clare, and Lauren.

The pink-haired beauty has also opted to keep her Instagram page private, seemingly waiting for the backlash to die down before publicly embracing social media again.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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