MAFS fans furious that Orion showed up at the couples retreat

MAFS star Orion Martzloff screenshot
Orion Martzloff is the MAFS Season 17 villain. Pic credit: Lifetime

If you’re still tuned in to Married at First Sight, pat yourself on the back for hanging in there because it’s been a rough season.

The latest episode kicked off the couples retreat in Foxfield, Colorado, but sadly, at this point, there are barely any couples left.

That would explain why they keep tossing Orion Martzloff–and the other singles– back into the mix despite his split from his wife Lauren early in the season.

Fans were furious when the gaslighting King showed up at the couple’s retreat pretending as if things between him and Lauren were fine and dandy.

He did the same thing the last time we saw the former couple together at Michael and Chloe’s wedding a few weeks ago.

However, Lauren has finally grown tired of his antics, so although she opted to join her castmates at the retreat, she made it clear that she was done being courteous to Orion.

Meanwhile, Lauren isn’t the only one who’s officially sick and tired of Orion.

MAFS fans angry at Orion’s inclusion at the couples retreat

The moment Orion entered the retreat, viewers took to X to air their disdain at seeing him again.

“if they don’t stop inviting Orion to these couple retreats and meet ups. i’m so tired of seeing his a** at every single one,” wrote one commenter.

“Orion and Lauren have no need to talk to each other… This is really mean of production and experts,” said someone else.

Meanwhile, one person wrote, “I hate that they are including Orion in everything, stop it. He’s not in a couple!”

X viewers air their frustration after the latest MAFS episode
Pic credit: @brookexqueen/@Madame_Wiladina/@katem02134/@Realiteatv30/@dreamcatch27/X

Someone threw shade at Orion after Lauren completely ignored him at the retreat, while another person asked, “Why is Orion on this trip?”

More Orion is coming our way in Episode 18

The couples retreat is not over yet, which means, unfortunately, viewers haven’t seen the last of Orion.

Chances are he’ll attempt another conversation with Lauren for the cameras, and people will be upset all over again, so get ready.

Episode 18 is titled, “In Sickness and Suspicion” and we’ll see the continuation of Emily’s bloody crash that occurred during an outdoor buggy ride with her husband Brennan.

As for what else you can expect in the upcoming episode, Decision Day is fast approaching and some couples begin to see things in a different light.

Newlyweds Michael and Chloe learn insight into each other during a housewarming party with their friends.

The episode also teases the return of a familiar face with a surprising revelation.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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