MAFS fans defend Mark Maher as troll shades him for being 40 and working at Starbucks

MAFS star Mark Maher
MAFS fans defend Mark Maher. Pic credit: Lifetime

A social media troll tried to throw shade at Mark Maher, but Married at First Sight fans had his back, and now the woman is trying to backpedal.

Mark was trying to show off his transformation, sharing snaps of himself from his twenties and another at his current age. He credits his healthy lifestyle for why he still looks so young.

However, one critic had nothing nice to say, but she said it anyway, chastising Mark for working at Starbucks at his age.

The rude comment garnered a response from the Season 14 alum, but he didn’t have to say a word because his followers jumped in to defend him.

We spotted the lengthy exchange between the woman and the other commenters who called her out for the rude remark.

Eventually, she tried to backtrack, claiming she meant no harm by the comment, but it was too little too late.

MAFS alum Mark Maher shows off his transformation photo

Mark is proud of his job as a manager at Starbucks, and he posted photos clad in his company uniform.

One critic saw the post and criticized Mark when he shared another photo on Instagram.

The rude remark was posted under a side-by-side photo of the MAFS star at age 22 and another at age 40.

“Does The Shark Even Age 🔥🔥🔥 transformationtuesday” he captioned the post. “This is what no smoking / no drinking / no drugs / eating healthy and exercising daily for 20 yrs looks like.”

MAFS fans defend Mark Maher after he gets a shady comment

After sharing the post online, the critic wrote, “40 and working as a Starbucks barista 👌🏼.”

Mark responded to the Instagram user, noting that he was more than a Starbucks barista.

“@jillian_duke87 as a manager yes,” he told the woman.

Other people jumped in to defend the MAFS star, with one retorting, “@jillian_duke87 I bet you have no problem going to starbucks and ordering from the people that you so clearly think you are above. Get over yourself…”

Another commenter tagged the woman and said, “@jillian_duke87 your point???? Oh, you are just here for the insults 👌 bravo 👏🏼 you feel better about yourself now?”

That’s when the woman tried to backtrack, claiming, “I wasn’t insulting him?” but no one believed her.

“@jillian_duke87 re-read your comment,” someone said. ”Yes you were insulting him and now you look dumb and you’re trying to go back. 🤦🏼‍♀️.”

MAFS fans defend Mark Maher
Pic credit: @mts550/Instagram

Do you think this was just a misunderstanding, or was the Instagram user being shady? Sound off in the comments below.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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Rhonda Justice
Rhonda Justice
20 days ago

She was 100% being shady. Does it matter how old someone is and in what profession? Is the person HAPPY with themselves and their job?? That should be the question. Does she not know he has his own business too? Check the link 🔗 tree lady. 😬