MAFS fans call out hypocrisy as they bash Becca for pressuring Austin

MAFS star Austin Hurd
Austin Hurd gets support from MAFS fans. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight fans have been team Becca from the very beginning, but now the tides are turning.

After weeks of crying and pleading with Austin for more intimacy, people are pointing out the hypocrisy in how viewers have responded to the couple.

Fans of the show have been bashing Austin online, with some even making speculations about his sexuality since he has yet to consummate his marriage.

However, critics have pointed out that if it were the other way around and Austin was pressuring Becca to have sex, he would have instantly been dubbed as a villain.

Meanwhile, after a recent session with Pastor Cal, things are going downhill fast for Becca and Austin.

A frustrated Becca told the MAFS expert that Austin’s constant assurance that he’s invested in her, and their marriage is only reserved for TV.

She noted that when the cameras are not rolling, it’s a different story, and we’ll see how Austin reacts to that in Episode 19.

MAFS fan points out the hypocrisy with how Austin is being treated

Austin has been getting roasted online for his hesitancy about having sex with Becca.

However, some MAFS viewers are coming to his defense.

One viewer referenced a similar situation from Season 12 between Karen Landry and Miles Williams, except the roles were reversed, and Karen was the one who wanted to take things slow.

The experts told the couple to take sex off the table until after Decision Day and it took the pressure off their marriage and worked quite well in the end.

“WHY when the roles are reversed, are they not advising the same tactic, but instead making Austin out to be a harmful person?” questioned the commenter.

“Dr Pepper KNEW he was a sexual slow burner when she visited him… he said outright it takes him a long time to have sex with someone.”

“Really getting tired of sex being forced on people that just met,” she added.

MAFS viewer defends Austin Hurd.
Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

MAFS viewers are defending Austin’s right to say no to Becca

Several people also agreed with the sentiment from the MAFS commenter, and they also defended Austin.

“I said the same thing,” responded one Instagram user. “if the roles were reversed the conversation would be totally different.”

“If a man was badgering a woman like this he’d have been strongly counseled & verbally bashed & condemned!” said someone else.

“If the roles were reversed, and a man was badgering a woman for sex and she wasn’t ready… everybody would be outraged but it’s supposed to be OK because this woman wants sex and he doesn’t yet. No means no,” wrote one commenter.

MAFS viewers defends Austin Hurd on Instagram
Pic credit: @mafsfan/Instagram

“He said it during an After Party episode, she just keeps badgering him and its a boner killer,” said someone else.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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