MAFS: Erik Lake goes public with new girlfriend 

Erik Lake
Erik Lake married a stranger on Married at First Sight Season 12. Pic credit: Lifetime

Erik Lake has found love after his divorce from MAFS spouse Virginia Coombs. 

Erik recently shared a series of photos and a heartfelt caption to announce his new relationship with followers. 

The MAFS star tagged his girlfriend Logen, who goes by Lola, in the post. Lola lists herself as an RN and dog mom with an interest in gaming, dancing, and travel in her Instagram bio.  

Erik last appeared on Married at First Sight Season 12 in Atlanta. 

He was married to Virginia Coombs, and while the pair said yes to staying married on Decision Day, they ultimately chose to divorce. 

Now, Erik has moved on and appears happy and in love with his current significant other. 

Erik Lake reveals new girlfriend in series of photos 

Erik Lake took to Instagram to share several photos and memories with his girlfriend, Logen.

In the opening shot, Erik and Lola posed arm and arm on rocks with a stunning lake, mountains, and trees in the background. 

In the second photo, Erik took his girlfriend on a ride while he piloted a plane. Both wore headsets and smiled for a shot inside the plane with the sky visible above them.

Erik and Lola smiled for another selfie in black, white, and red attire in the third pic and cuddled up in front of a sunset and mountains for the fourth and fifth slides. 

The final slide saw Lola posing solo while smiling with her dog. 

Erik Lake is the “happiest he’s ever been” 

Erik began the post’s caption, “It’s a crazy thing when you stop trying so hard to find your person and just let things play out the way they are supposed to. The past is the past and I can’t sit here and regret every little thing that happened before because all of it led me right where I’m supposed to be now.”

Erik went on to express his unbelievable feelings for his girlfriend and how he’s the happiest he’s ever been. He shared that he and Lola can easily laugh and joke, and he appreciated how Lola would laugh at his dad jokes. 

After praising his significant other’s genuine heart, Erik called Lola the kindest and sweetest person and shared that her eyes captivated him as soon as he saw her. 

Erik concluded the post by saying his girlfriend makes him better and, “she makes life worth living to the fullest every day. I’m the luckiest guy in the world and I’m thankful I get to be yours. I love you Logen.” 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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10 months ago

Congrats Erik! Happy to see you with someone who appreciates you and your values!

9 months ago

Eric is my dream man, so happy he has found true love, he deserves to have a good relationship, and a woman who is really his soul mate.

Monitque Stephens
Monitque Stephens
7 months ago

I’m so Happy for You guys. Erik you are fav on this season! I was so hoping you’d say ,”YES” to the divorce. I’ve been that woman that has a lot of men friends. When my husband stated they all want to sleep with you I argued. He stood his ground. Thank GOD! We’ve been happily married almost 4 yrs.. You’re a beautiful compromiser STAY YOU! Congratulations Lola♥️