MAFS: Bao sets the record straight on the shower situation

Season 13 Married at First Sight wife Bao Houng Haung responds to the shower situation. Pic credit: Lifetime

Who would’ve thought that bathing would cause so many problems on Married at First Sight?

This week, the Houston couples returned from their beach honeymoon and the reality of married life started off with a bang.

Despite us predicting Bao and Johnny as one of the success stories this season, with less than a week of marriage in the books, it’s not looking good.

While the first night in their shared apartment should’ve been a sweet moment, Johnny chose to spend some time away to reflect on the key differences he’s observed between himself and his new wife.

Johnny left after the honeymoon feeling emotionally drained due to their differences

While exploring their new home, Bao mentioned her nerves in moving in together stemmed from a feeling that Johnny was very particular about things. Denying that he wasn’t too picky, Johnny used this as an opportunity to re-address the shower argument that began on their honeymoon.

“I mean, I had one-literally just one thing that I needed my housemate to do. If, you know, we’re sleeping together, is just the showering thing. That’s really it,” he told her.

“It’s pretty intense, ‘must the shower before bed’ thing,” she replied. “Because I’m gonna say, I’m not gonna do that.”

She added, “I know that’s your preference, but that’s not my preference.”

Bao sets the record straight on the shower situation

The internet had a lot to say about Bao’s stance on the shower subject but in a conversation with RealiTVwithBee, the research administrative director explained why her view hasn’t changed.

“Let’s set the record straight. I shower on a daily basis, but feel that showering three times a day or washing sheets every time a bedtime shower is skipped, is excessive and wasteful.” The 35-year-old further added, “Typically, I shower in the morning to wake up, but sometimes I shower at night.” 

Revealing that Johnny’s request to her felt like it was coming from an angle of control, “For me, it felt controlling for Johnny to expect me, his new wife, to shower every night. My hope was that Johnny could accept that I occasionally shower at night.”

Johnny has mentioned his high standards of hygiene since the matchmaking special and in the short time he’s spent with Bao, they already aren’t seeing eye to eye.

She also mentioned that she wasn’t in accordance with Johnny’s decision to leave on move-in day either.

“It did not feel that this early in the marriage was the wisest time to leave. Johnny made it clear that this decision was non-negotiable, so my only option was to be supportive.”

Tune into Married at First Sight to see if Bao and Johnny will be able to make their marriage work.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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