MAFS: Bao Hoang opens up about lessons she learned over the past year

Married at First Sight alum Bao Hoang shares life lessons she's learned recently.
Bao Hoang reflects on lessons she’s learned and the importance of friendship. Pic credit: Lifetime

Bao Hoang joined Season 13 of Married at First Sight hoping to find the love of her life with the help of relationship experts.

She was paired with Johnny Lam, who, on paper, seemed to be her perfect match. However, the two could not agree on the basics of their relationship, and their marriage sadly ended.

Now that some time has passed, Bao is sharing some lessons she’s learned which include having good friends who support her.

Bao shares how important friendships are to her

In a recent post on social media, Bao took the time to share how important her friendships have been to her in recent years.

She shared a series of pictures with the friend group she refers to as the family she was able to choose. In her post, Bao reflects on the things she’s learned since reconnecting with them.

In her caption, she says, “If the past couple years have taught me anything, it’s that you learn a lot about yourself and those around you in challenging times. People are full of surprises.”

Bao continues her post by reflecting on how her friendships have grown over the years and the support that has been present. She wrote, “We met over a decade ago volunteering in the community, reconnected just before Covid made news, fought and continue to fight the good fight on so many fronts, and have supported one another through uniquely trying circumstances.”

She goes on to give her description of what she’s learned friendship to be, saying, “Great friends are selfless, nurturing, pull and push you as needed, and without question the family we get to choose” (red heart emoji).

Bao shared pictures of herself with her friends dining out and enjoying a day at The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, where she continues to live and work as a Research Director.

Bao is embracing the single life

Bao’s divorce from Johnny was not shocking to many fans. The two had multiple arguments and they rarely found a solution to their issues. Although Johnny surprisingly stated he wanted to stay married on decision day, Bao ultimately decided their relationship was over.

Shortly after separating from Johnny, she briefly dated fellow cast member, Zach. The relationship ended abruptly after rumors that Zach cheated surfaced.

Since then, Bao has shared that she is still hopeful to find love, although she is currently single. She is using this time to be with her family and friends more and focus on her career.

She recently adopted a dog named Tofu and often shares their adventures together on her Instagram account. Bao has said she does not regret being a part of Married at First Sight and believes she will find the right person one day.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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