MAFS Atlanta: Virginia reacts to being Erik’s second wife

Erik and Virginia from MAFS.
Erik and Virginia shared an instant chemistry at their wedding. Pic credit: Lifetime

Surprise, surprise. If anyone looked like a happily married couple at their wedding, it was Married at First Sight couple, Erik and Virginia.

This season, the social experiment takes over Atlanta and matched 34-year-old air force pilot Erik with his new customer experience specialist wife, Virginia.

While they met as strangers, these two got closer way quicker than they could have anticipated.

The participants have finally said “I do” and now the hard work of marriage begins.

Erik tells Virginia his only secret

Before meeting with her parents, Erik agreed it was time to come clean about the only skeleton that he has in his closest.

Over breakfast, Erik decided it was time to have the tough conversation with his bride of 24 hours.

“It’s like the only thing that I have to kind of get off my chest before we start this,” he slowly began.

Finally, he finally tells her, “I was previously married.”

He goes on to explain that his first marriage was a little unconventional as well, noting that there were no vows, ring, just signatures on paper.

Due to his military background, certain privileges were reserved for spouses and it was a workaround to be able to stay together.

“So everything that we’ve done so far, it’s the first time for me,” Erik assures her.

“I mean it is kinda a lot, I guess I didn’t expect you to have been married before,” Virginia admitted. Her first question focused on how recent was the divorce was.

Erik explains that he was with his ex-wife for six years but the relationship has been over for about three. Virginia laughs it off nervously as she explains never been with anyone that long.

What does Virginia’s dad think of Erik’s news?

The day after the wedding gives the newly married couples a chance to sit down with their new spouse’s family.

Not only does Erik have to come clean to Virginia, but her overly protective dad as well. Erik should be a little nervous as even her father Daniel admitted that he scared a few of her past boyfriends away.

Explaining to her father that all the ties are cut and his ex-wife might even be married again, Erik’s ready to start a new chapter with his daughter.

Giving Erik his approval, Daniel says, “My only concern would be if it was very recent. The fact that it’s been some time, I’ve been through it, I get it. And I think in her life, she’s seen it enough that it’s not something that I don’t think would just freak her out.”

He admits that after the rocky marriage between him and Virginia’s mother, he’s surprised that she wants to commit.

Virginia spoke openly about her fear of divorce since her own parents have re-married a few times.

The age-old question about children continues to be a hot topic as Erik’s mother definitely hinted that she wants grandkids soon. However, Virginia admitted she’s always been “50-50” when it comes to having kids.

Do you think Virginia and Erik will stay married on Decision Day?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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