MAFS: Amani reveals how she and Woody found out that they were having a baby

MAFS stars Amani and Woody Randall are expecting their first child in June 2022
Amani and Woody Randall expecting their first child. Pic credit: Lifetime

Amani and Woody Randall just shared the exciting news that they are expecting their first child, and now we know a bit more about how they found out.

The Married at First Sight stars decided to wait a while before publicizing Amani’s pregnancy, and they chose a great moment to share the news with the world.

The pair spilled the beans on social media today while celebrating their second wedding anniversary. Amani is now roughly six months pregnant, but in a recent interview, she admitted to finding out about the pregnancy when she was eight weeks along.

Amani reveals how she and Woody found out about her pregnancy

Married at First Sight fans are overjoyed by the revelation that Woody and Amani are expecting, and now that the secret is out, the mom-to-be is sharing more details about her pregnancy.

During a recent chat with Essence, Amani revealed how and when they found out that she was pregnant.

“We found out I was pregnant after I was about eight weeks,” she confessed. “I had been feeling pretty sick after a visit to L.A. filming for the MAFS Boston special. I assumed it was food poisoning from ahi tuna, but Woody hoped I was expecting.”

The MAFS star said she took a pregnancy test but it came out negative.

However, “after getting home and still feeling nauseous, Woody insisted that I take another test,” said Amani.

“I reluctantly took another test one Saturday morning and yelled for him to come in the bathroom. He smiled and said, ‘What, are you pregnant?’ I nodded and handed him the positive pregnancy test. He smiled so big! I kicked him out of the bathroom [laughs],” she added.

Woody and Amani are expecting their first child in June

Woody and Amani both took to Instagram today to celebrate two very important milestones, their marriage, and their baby.

The couple who met during Season 11 of the popular Lifetime reality show have been happily married since tying the knot on TV and today marked 24-months of marriage.

However, that seems to be a lucky number for the couple because Amani revealed that she was also 24 weeks pregnant with her and Woody’s first child.

The stylish couple shared photos from their stunning pregnancy photoshoot, showing Amani’s growing baby bump.

“Today makes 24 months I’ve been married to the love of my life, Woodrow Randall. The biggest gift of all is being 24 weeks pregnant with the new love of our life,” wrote Amani on Instagram.

“Baby Randall coming June 2022!” she added.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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2 years ago

Congratulations to one of my favorite MAFS couples! Many blessings to them and their bundle of joy.❤️

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Y’all make wonderful parents

2 years ago

Wow!!! Congrats!!! I am so happy for both of them. They will be great parents.i can’t wait to see if it will be a baby girl or boy.