MAFS alum Shawniece Jackson tearful after weighing herself on camera — Here’s why

MAFS alum Shawniece Jackson screenshot
Shawniece Jackson shares an emotional post. Pic credit: Lifetime

Shawniece Jackson broke down in tears on social media and her followers are showering her with support.

The Married at First Sight alum got emotional as she recorded her recent weigh-in after trying to lose weight for quite some time.

Shawniece has been working hard to try and shed the extra pounds but was stuck at a particular weight, without much success.

After stepping on the scale and realizing she had finally gotten over that hurdle, the MAFS star was driven to tears.

However, that wasn’t the only reason supporters were flooding her page with kind words.

Shawniece also confessed that she was skeptical about posting the vulnerable video because she didn’t have an aesthetically pleasing home, and people responded to that comment as well.

MAFS alum Shawniece Jackson gets emotional after dropping five pounds

Shawniece is celebrating a small victory, and her Instagram followers are sharing in the happy moment.

The 36-year-old MAFS alum posted a video from her living room before stepping on the scale to see if she had lost weight.

“I’m gonna weigh myself and see how much I weigh ’cause I woke up feeling slimmer,” she exclaimed. “Hopefully I won’t ruin that by stepping on the scale.”

Thankfully, it was good news for the former reality TV star who noted that she was down from 150 to 145 pounds.

“No way,” Shawniece happily exclaimed after stepping on the scale.

After seeing the new number, Shawniece did her happy dance and tearfully told her Instagram followers that she had a difficult time getting past the 150 mark.

Shawniece gets support from MAFS fans

The MAFS star noted in the caption of her post, “I was skeptical about sharing this.”
“1. I’m at my most vulnerable right now,” she explained. “2. I don’t have an aesthetically pleasing house. 3. I’m not the one to record myself crying for the Internet.”

However, Shawniece said she posted the video anyway because she wanted to share her journey “in real time..”

“I’m not perfect. Nobody’s perfect, but my journey is real. LOVE YOU ALL 💕” she added.

MAFS alum Lindsey Georgoulis showed Shawniece some love in the comments, writing “Who said the house isn’t aesthetically pleasing? You have a house filled with love and laughter: you can’t buy that.”

Another commenter said, “Go girl!!! And your house suits you and your family who cares what anyone else thinks! Y’all love it all that matters.”

“Vulnerability is beautiful ❤️ thanks for sharing & pushing as all to keep going,” said someone else.

Shawniece Jackson gets support online
Pic credit: @yessstyles_/Instagram

People also commented on her weight loss saying ” Congratulations on your weight loss journey it’s not easy being a mom, wife, and a business owner but you got this.”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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Beverly Cooper
Beverly Cooper
13 days ago

I am sooo thrilled that Henry finally got hitched with the right woman! He’s definitely a keeper and she is too! Congrats you two!

Beverly Cooper
Beverly Cooper
13 days ago

Shawniece! Girl, you look fine! As long as you are healthy and loved by your fam and friends; everything is gonna be alright! MAFS fans love you, Jephte and cutie pie, little Laura💕!