MAFS alum Nate Barnes claps back at troll who called him ‘weak and annoying’

MAFS alum Nate Barnes screenshot
Nate Barne responds to a troll. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight fandom can be brutal at times and Nate Barnes just got a reminder of that.

After sharing a post online, a troll took to the comments to bash Nate, calling him “weak and annoying.”

While the cast usually gets called out for their behavior towards their partners that wasn’t the case in this instance.

Instead, it was about a scene that played out at the Season 15 reunion between Nate and his castmate Justin Hall.

Justin came into the reunion ready for an altercation with everyone, having revealed that he had unfollowed all his cast members.

He also had a major bone to pick with Nate, calling him “fake” and even getting out of his seat, wanting things to get physical amid their heated argument.

Thankfully things didn’t get out of hand, but Justin got a lot of heat for trying to play tough after getting called out for crying through most of the season. But it seems he has at least one person in his corner.

MAFS alum Nate Barnes claps back at ‘pathetic’ troll

Nate Barnes was trying to share a life update with his Instagram followers until things went left for absolutely no reason.

The MAFS alum posted a photo dump of his life over the past few moments.

“Life’s a rollercoaster,” he captioned the post. “From sunny beach days 🌞🏖️ to unexpected hospital trips 🏥❤️. Working with amazing brands 🌟 and new clients…”

The comments were mostly positive until we scrolled down a bit and spotted an exchange between Nate and an Instagram troll.

“You kept calling justin a crybaby but was crying for an explanation about being blocked 😭 after he explained it u kept going and nobody else even cared u were weak and annoying ur wife dodged a bullet,” said the commenter.

“you don’t even have a profile pick. You are pathetic,” the MAFS alum responded. “You’re a fan coming all the way to my page 📄. At least say it with your chest and be proud to troll me. 🤣.”

Nate Barnes responds to a troll
Pic credit: @mrnatebarnes/Instagram

MAFS viewer defends Nate after his Season 15 altercation with ‘crybaby’ Justin

The San Diego native didn’t need to defend himself against the troll because a MAFS viewer quickly came to his defense.

The Instagram user tagged the troll and wrote, “Justin was a HUGE crybaby and fake AF… that’s why he walked away to go cry about it, Nate kept his cool while not allowing someone to disrespect him.”

“@bbygirlkayy that’s right 👏 thanks for having my back,” responded Nate.

MAFS viewer defends Nate Barnes
Pic credit: @mrnatebarnes/Instagram

Do you remember the intense altercation between Nate and Justin at the Season 15 reunion?

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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