MAFS alum Mia Bally asks for ‘prayers’ amid hospitalization for unknown illness

MAFS star Mia Bally
Mia Bally shares photos after being hospitalized. Pic credit: Lifetime

Mia Bally has been very private for the past few years after her controversial stint on Married on First Sight.

We’ve seen glimpses of her happy life with her daughter Victoria, as the Season 7 alum occasionally shares her favorite moments on social media.

Unfortunately, her latest post wasn’t a happy one. The brunette beauty shared a lengthy message, asking her followers for prayers.

Photos showed her lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to IV drips, as she explained an ongoing health crisis that doctors are still trying to figure out.

Viewers met Mia in the seventh season of the popular marital experiment when she was matched with Tristan Thompson.

The couple faced numerous challenges in their marriage, including Mia’s shocking arrest for alleged credit card fraud and stalking her ex-boyfriend.

This all happened when the couple attempted to go on their honeymoon to Mexico, only to find out at the airport that Mia had a warrant out for her arrest.

That moment easily became one of the most memorable moments in MAFS history, and since then, Mia has created a new and happy life for herself.

MAFS alum Mia Bally asks for prayers amid hospitalization for unknown illness

As she confessed in a recent Instagram post, things have taken an unfortunate turn for the MAFS alum.

The photos showed Mia lying in a hospital bed as she shared details about her illness, and she asked her followers to send positive thoughts and prayers for her and her family.

“It’s been a rough few weeks with getting surgery done, only to find out the doctors here have 0 clue what is wrong with me,” wrote Mia.

The MAFS alum says she’s had “blood work, culture tests, CT scans, ultrasounds,” and they can’t conclude what is wrong with her.

Mia revealed that the doctors are trying to figure out if she has an “autoimmune disease, infection, cancer, or all 3.”

Mia Bally Instagram post
Mia Bally shares a hospital photo. Pic credit: @miajaniceb/Instagram

Mia has undergone surgery,y and she continues to wait for more answers

The former Season 7 star noted that she underwent surgery for the pain she’s been experiencing,g but it didn’t help.

Her next step is to do a biopsy of her tissue, and the process has been overwhelming for the single mom.

“I’ve been crying and trying to keep it together,” Mia confessed in her post.

“Please send positive thoughts and prayers over to us during this time- I totally believe in the power of positivity! Thank you for my friends who have supported me during this- I love you!”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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gigi white
gigi white
16 days ago

One detail of your article is slightly off.. A single mom lol..? Mia is married to a guy named Blake Boveia. Not everything is as picture perfect as it seems…