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Madison Prewett discusses her portrayal on The Bachelor

Madison Prewett posing in a blue dress
Madison Prewett discussed the misconceptions about her during her time on The Bachelor. Pic credit: @madiprew/Instagram.

Madison Prewett discussed what many contestants throughout Bachelor history have complained about in the past — her portrayal on the show, and how she was edited to look.

During an episode of Us Weekly’s Bachelor Confessions, Madison talked about who people assume she is and who she actually is in real life.

She said, “People always tell me they thought I would be shy and more quiet and, ‘You’re just, like, a sweet little girl from Alabama,’ and I am loud, I’m outgoing, I’m passionate, I’m competitive,”

Madison felt like she was potrayed accurately on The Bachelor

Despite claiming she felt like people didn’t get to see that side of her very much, she did feel like viewers got to see who she is inside, saying, “I honestly feel like everyone got to really see my heart and really got to see what I’m about, and I’m very grateful for that.”

Madison gave an example of being allowed to show her authenticity in the form of sneakers during the first rose ceremony, and said competitors mostly get to wear whatever they wanted.

She said, “I wore sneakers the very first night and I’m very glad that I made that move because it was a long night. I’m glad that I chose the sneaker route. All the girls were jealous.”

Who wouldn’t be? Rumor has it that rose ceremonies can go all night long, which is why drunk, upset, eliminated contestants are crying into a champagne glass with a sunrise in the background.

Though Madison and Peter did not end up together, she is still happy with the fact that she remained true to her character, saying, “I can honestly say throughout that entire Bachelor experience, I was 100 percent myself.”

Madison is promoting her new book ‘Made For This Moment’

Madison is currently promoting her new book, “Made For This Moment: Standing Firm With Faith, Grace, and Courage (basically your average Bachelor alum tell-all.) In it, she described the breakdown of her relationship with Peter, including her decision to leave after he was intimate with the other remaining girls during fantasy suite week.

She later described the confrontation with Peter’s mom Barb during the After the Final Rose taping, which was incredibly uncomfortable to watch.

Following the explosive conversation on stage with Peter and his parents in the audience, Madison claims she ran backstage. She wrote, “I kept running until I found a single bathroom to lock myself in and be alone so that I could gather my thoughts. I kept rehashing what had just happened and felt so embarrassed, humiliated, and more hurt than I had ever been.”

Hopefully after this book, Madison can finally move on and step out of Peter’s Bachelor shadow.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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