Madison LeCroy proves she’s a ‘cover girl’

Madison LeCroy with her natural hair
Madison LeCroy is officially a “Cover girl.” Pic credit: @madison.lecroy/Instagram

Madison LeCroy is living her best life in 2023.

After marrying Brett Randle in November, the Southern Charm star has kept a glow about her.

That has translated into being a cover girl on the front of Charleston Magazine.

The blonde beauty debuted a carousel of shots, including a glimpse at the cover she is gracing.

Madison shared a shot of herself lounging in the pool while floating on a raft in a one-piece swimsuit, highlighting her curves.

There were also shots with Brett and a few solo shots that showed her life in Charleston.

Madison LeCroy returns for Season 9 of Southern Charm

Season 9 of Southern Charm is filming, and Madison LeCroy is back for another round of the Charleston drama.

She teased that she was filming with her husband, Brett Randle. He didn’t film last season with the beautiful blonde, but viewers will see him more this time. How much more remains to be seen, but a few glimpses are high on the list of possibilities for the new season.

Unfortunately, viewers will miss out on some of the budding friendship between Madison and Kathryn Dennis. It appears the fiery redhead was demoted to a friend of, or even completely fired, from the franchise. The two were hanging out after Season 8 finished airing, and there was hope Southern Charm viewers would see more of that on-screen.

Of course, Madison’s friendship with Miss Patricia Altschul can’t be overlooked. She has been the queen of Charleston’s hairdresser for years, and the two are very close.

Madison LeCroy collabs with BeachRiot

Madison LeCroy isn’t only a reality TV personality. She is a brilliant businesswoman. She remains a hairstylist and has partnered with BeachRiot to launch a swimwear collection based on her wedding dress.

Many pieces were white, but others just “worked” with the theme. Madison did modeling for her launch, which did well for the company.

There were two releases of the collection, and in the photo below, it’s clear that Madison’s vision came to light perfectly, as you can see the bikini and the wedding dress by swiping over.

There was also a preview of some all-white pieces, including the netting piece she debuted while away for her bachelorette party. She received plenty of attention for that, so ahead of the launch, there was a sneak peek at what followers could expect.

Between modeling for her collection launch and being a cover girl for Charleston Magazine, Madison LeCroy has been very busy over the last few months.

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