Madina Alam still explaining herself after The Bachelor elimination — Explains why she didn’t stick up for Maria

Madina Alam selfie
Madina Alam is still trying to explain her behavior on The Bachelor. Pic credit: @dinalynee/Instagram

Madina Alam was sent home on Episode 5 of The Bachelor after finding herself an unwilling participant in some drama with Maria Georgas.

It all started when Madina complained about being the oldest woman in the house and morphed into accusations of age-shaming that Sydney hurled at Maria because of her comments about her own age.

Sydney and Maria then feuded throughout the rest of the time Sydney was there — or at least Sydney gunned for Maria during that time, and Maria, for her part, tried to avoid all the drama.

But Madina played her own part, at one time admitting to Joey Graziadei that she did feel bullied before declining to say who she thought was the bully.

Then, after a later episode and also after receiving a lot of backlash for it, she backtracked on the bully claims but didn’t really apologize.

Nor did she ever defend Maria or try to clear up what really happened behind the scenes, and that never sat well with The Bachelor viewers.

Madina Alam is still explaining her role in Sydney versus Maria drama

After the latest episode of The Bachelor, Madina decided to explain herself — again.

This time, she took to her Instagram reels and said, “Can we take a moment to talk about this comment?”

Then, a comment asking Madina why she didn’t do anything to defend Maria against Sydney and shaming her for not acting was shown on the screen.

“I’ve gotten hundreds of messages similar to this one,” Madina explained, and we’re sure she has because Bachelor Nation is upset.

Then, Madina launched into a lecture for those who keep calling her out about how it is “one thing to be held accountable for your own actions, but it is truly mind boggling that so many people are holding me accountable for someone else’s actions.”

She then went on to talk about how you “cannot control other people” as an excuse for not setting the record straight when it came to Sydney and Maria.

Madina’s ‘more to the story’ comment had nothing to do with Sydney and Maria drama

Another issue that Madina recently addressed was about that scene with Maria where she said there was “more to the story,” and then we were left hanging.

The Bachelor viewers wanted to know what that meant, especially after she was sent home without us ever learning what story she was even talking about.

It turns out that it had nothing to do with the drama between Sydney and Maria and everything to do with herself and what she wanted to tell Joey when she knew she would have enough time to do it.

She wanted to tell him about her health issues after suffering from a possibly fatal condition called rhabdo because she worked out too much.

It was a bit anticlimactic and it’s become obvious that all of the women are asked to share a personal or traumatic story about their life with Joey and that Madina just didn’t have time to share hers.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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