Madina Alam explains ‘more to the story’ comments with Maria on The Bachelor and it’s not what you think

Madina Alam on The Bachelor
Madina Alam is opening up about a story that didn’t get told on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Madina Alam was sent home in Episode 5 when Joey chose not to give her or Autumn Waggoner a rose in the latest rose ceremony.

That sends home just one more person involved in the Maria Georgas bullying drama that has taken over The Bachelor since Episode 2.

In Episode 4, Joey sent Sydney Gordon home during a two-on-one date when he chose Maria in an epic moment where an opera singer sang Ave Maria as Sydney made her exit.

Madina mostly escaped The Bachelor viewers’ hate by keeping silent, something she has already addressed since her elimination from the show.

Unfortunately, we still have Lea Cayanan and Jess Edwards among Joey’s final 10 ladies, and they have taken over as the Season 28 villains and haven’t let Maria have any peace yet.

And even though Madina is gone now, she’s still explaining herself and what she said on the show, most recently opening up about a conversation she had with Maria.

Madina clarified what she meant during a conversation with Maria

On Saturday, Madina Alam shared a clip from The Bachelor where she was speaking to Maria when she said, “There’s much more to this story, and that’s why I’m sitting here waiting to talk to Joey because I haven’t talked to him.”

The clip seems ominous, like she may be waiting to talk to Joey about the bullying drama that wouldn’t quit, but, according to Madina, that’s not what it was about at all.

On TikTok, Madina explained what she was referring to in that snippet, and it turned out that she wanted to talk to him about her own health.

In the video, Madina says, “Alright, a lot of you are asking about that clip, and as we know, more to my story was not aired.”

She continued, “So last year, I was diagnosed with a condition called rhabdo. It’s considered critical because if you don’t get medical attention for it, you can die in just a couple days from it.”

Madina went on to explain that rhabdo can be caused by intense workouts, specifically pull-ups, and pushups, and left her bedridden and needing assistance for the most minor tasks like feeding and bathing herself.

It was a scary time for Madina, but it wasn’t the juicy moment that The Bachelor viewers thought it might be.


There’s almost always more to a person story 💓 – One year later and the fear I still have with working out still impacts me, it won’t ever stop me from doing it, but it certainly influences how it feels. Working out has always been my therapy and safe haven so to have it stripped from you so quickly was much more than a physical loss. ❤️ – #thebachelor#bachelor#bachelornation#bachelornationabc#realitytv#foryou#explore#foryoupage#forupage

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Is Madina ‘America’s favorite ex-girlfriend?’

In a more lighthearted moment since her exit, Madina modeled a new t-shirt that read, “World’s best ex-gf” for an Instagram Story over the weekend.

Over the top of the photo, she asked if she should coin the phrase “America’s favorite ex-girlfriend,” referring to her recent “break up” with Joey Graziadei.

It seems the jury is still out since there are still 10 women left competing for Joey’s heart, and there are certainly a few favorites among them.

Now that we’re headed for the last half of Season 28, there will be more upsets as the favorites start going home as Joey continues to search for his person.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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