Madelyn Gosselin speaks out about the ‘trauma’ she suffered ‘at the hands’ of her brother Collin

Madelyn Gosselin TikTok
Madelyn records a TikTok to promote Bloom Nutrition. Pic credit: @madygosselin/TikTok

Kate and Jon Gosselin‘s daughter, Madelyn Gosselin, is speaking out after her brother, Collin Gosselin, shared his side about their “traumatic” upbringing.

Madelyn, who goes by Mady, starred alongside her siblings in the TLC reality TV shows Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus 8.

Mady and her twin sister Cara became famous, as did their sextuplets siblings, including Collin, Aaden, Joel, Leah, Hannah, and Alexis, during their time on TV.

The hit TLC show Kate Plus 8 hasn’t aired since 2017, but ever since Collin spoke out in the recent documentary Dark Side of the 2000s, the Gosselin family is back in the spotlight.

Collin alleged that his mom, Kate, was “abusive” toward him, leading to her decision to send him to a residential program for children with special needs.

Amid all of the chatter online, Mady has apparently gotten some “hate messages” from critics, and now she is setting the record straight.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum Madelyn Gosselin calls out brother Collin Gosselin for ‘hateful’ and ‘violent’ behavior

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Mady shared a lengthy message about her involvement in the Gosselin family drama and how it has affected her.

Mady began by admitting that she is “overwhelmed” by the number of negative DMs she’s received in recent days and told her followers, “I do not owe my allegiance to any person(s), who has physically threatened me and every member of my immediate family,” seemingly taking aim at Collin, 19.

madelyn gosselin speaks about her brother collin gosselin in her instagram story
Madelyn opened up about the “trauma” she’s endured. Pic credit: @mady.gosselin/Instagram

Mady, 22, continued to imply that her younger brother exhibited “hateful” and “violent” behavior, noting that she refuses to compromise her core values.

According to Mady, the time for conversations with Collin has passed, and she told her followers that she “cannot speak any further on why Collin has done these things.”

While calling out the haters who sent her DMs recently, Mady made it clear that she only wants “peace and privacy” from here on out.

In another slide several hours later, Mady elaborated, this time admitting that although she’s not “the authority” on others’ trauma, she is the authority on her own.

“To those of you saying my brother was a child who experienced trauma and so I must swiftly forgive and forget, please remember that I was a child too,” Mady added.

Although Mady admitted that she had empathy for Collin, she also noted that it “doesn’t erase the trauma” that she’s suffered “at his hands.”

Mady continued to encourage her fans and critics not to judge her or her family’s personal lives based on what they think they know about them from reality TV and not to take sides but simply to be kind.

Kate Gosselin also speaks out about her son Collin’s ‘violent behaviors’

Kate also broke her silence over the weekend in a lengthy Instagram post of her own. The 48-year-old mom of eight reluctantly voiced her side of things after feeling as though she was “backed into a corner.”

Kate told her 440,000 Instagram followers that Collin has received “multiple psychiatric diagnoses” over the years, which played a large role in her decision to place him in the facility.

According to the former TLC star, Collin’s treatment in outpatient centers wasn’t sufficient, and admitting him to an inpatient institution was backed by emergency room doctors, pediatric psychiatrists, and a team of specialists after his “attacks” and “outbursts,” including the “use of a weapon.”

Kate alleged that Collin’s dad, Jon Gosselin, pulled Collin out of the facility, which resulted in a relapse of his mental health issues.

Collin blames Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality TV fame for the demise of the Gosselin family

Collin and one of his sextuplets siblings, Hannah, have been living with their dad, Jon, while the rest of the sextuplets reside with Kate, who was awarded full legal custody following her and Jon’s divorce in 2009.

Last year Collin spoke with Entertainment Tonight and admitted that if his family hadn’t appeared on reality TV, he believes they’d still be intact, and his parents would have remained married.

“I think the pressure of being in front of the whole world and you know, every mistake you make is out there, I think that was a big influence on them not being better, and I definitely still think [my parents] would be together,” Collin said, admitting that Jon & Kate Plus “ruined” his family.

Seasons 1 through 5 of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Seasons 1 through 6 of Kate Plus 8 are currently streaming on Discovery+.

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