Mackenzie McKee’s mom Angie shares powerful update on life

Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie McKee’s mom continues to battle cancer. Pic credit: MTV

Mackenzie McKee has been open about her mother’s cancer battle since she was first diagnosed. Recently, she was even been able to share her mother’s journey on Teen Mom OG after she was invited to film a few episodes for this current season.

During last night’s reunion special for the season, Angie Douthit opened up about her cancer battle and how she had been given a timeline from doctors. While they initially gave her 6 months to live, she is now pushing upwards of 19 months. While Teen Mom OG fans and Mackenzie’s family may be holding their collective breath, Angie has nothing but positive energy.

On Instagram, she posted a beautiful photo of herself with a butterfly that continued to land on her over the weekend. As she saw it, it was God’s way of saying he was still with her during her cancer battle. On Teen Mom OG’s reunion special, Angie revealed that, while the doctors couldn’t do any more for her, she was now relying on God to heal her.

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“As I was pondering why God made flies, spiders, mosquitoes, and wasps, a beautiful butterfly landed on my back. Apparently it liked me because it wouldn’t leave. I realized it was God’s way of showing me that with the ugly there is also the beauty. Bugs can be pests. Then a beautiful butterfly shows up,” Angie revealed in an Instagram post she shared recently.

“As long as we live on this earth there will always be both. You just gotta be ok with the spider webs in your life and enjoy the beauty of all of God’s blessings. He loves us all so much. We r truly blessed!. As I make my way to chemo at 1:00, I will be watching for gorgeous creatures and amazing people. Love you all,” she revealed.

In the post, she also revealed that she was going to chemotherapy and that she continued to fight for her life.

The focus of the reunion special was on Mackenzie, who shut down when Dr. Drew asked her about a life without her mother. While she may know that it could become a reality sooner rather than later, Mackenzie has no interest in talking about her mother passing away.

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