Mackenzie McKee’s mom: An update on Angie Douthit’s cancer battle

Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie McKee opens up about her mother’s cancer battle. Pic credit: MTV

Mackenzie McKee is back on MTV as a Teen Mom OG guest star and she opened up about some painful events that she’s been dealing with. Not only did she think that her husband could be cheating on her as he’s always on the road with his rodeo, but her mother has also been diagnosed with cancer.

During the episode, Mackenzie revealed that her mother had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer back in January 2018. Even though she was ready to fight it, the family got even more devastating news. The cancer had spread and she was now battling brain cancer as well.

During the episode, Angie told Mackenzie that she was pursuing more aggressive chemotherapy as what they were doing wasn’t working. Back in the spring of 2019, Angie and her husband got some news that they weren’t expecting.

“Brad and I received the results from my scans. It’s not what we had hoped for. I wish I could say that I’m in remission, or that the cancer has vanished. But instead this is what we were told. Basically the cancer has gone wild. I have new tumors in my brain and the old ones are growing,” Angie revealed on Instagram in May of this year.

“The tumors in both my lungs are progressing and growing again. I have three tumors in my liver. It’s in my lymph nodes. And low and behold, it’s in my bones, my breast bone and both of my femurs. Yes, we were shocked too.”

It sounds like her chemotherapy may be working as she’s trying to get back to doing things with her husband. Just five days ago, she revealed that she and her husband Brad had gone fishing. This was the first time they had been back since she was diagnosed with pneumonia, something she was battling while fighting stage 4 cancer.

It also appears that Mackenzie McKee’s mother has a better relationship with her illness, often using the hashtag, #ItsOnlyCancer. Angie isn’t cancer-free, but it seems that she’s stronger than ever and has a great support system, as she continues to explore treatment options. It’s possible Mackenzie will provide an update during the reunion special, which was filmed a few weeks ago in New York City.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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