Mackenzie McKee warns Teen Mom fans to ‘never take relationship advice’ from her

Mackenzie McKee on Teen Mom OG
Mackenzie admitted to speaking on topics she “wasn’t educated about.” Pic credit: MTV

A video of Mackenzie McKee has resurfaced of her giving relationship advice, and the former Teen Mom OG star regrets trying to counsel others about love.

Mackenzie is fresh on the heels of her split from her husband of nine years, Josh McKee.

Now that’s she’s exploring the single life in Florida, she’s taking some time to address some things from her past.

Taking to TikTok, Mackenzie recorded a video from her kitchen for her 1.1 million followers on the platform.

“I’m just here to humbly say that I’ve spoken on a lot that I was not educated about,” Mackenzie said. “My heart always meant well, but once it’s on the internet — learn from me — once it’s on the internet, it’s always there and sometimes people will remember you for that.”

In 2019, Mackenzie appeared on an episode of Couples Court With The Cutlers.

Mackenzie McKee tells her fans ‘Never take relationship and love advice from me’

Labeled a “celebrity expert” during her appearance, Mackenzie shared her and Josh’s relationship history, dishing that they met at just 15 and 16 years old. She told the viewers that she and Josh had a shotgun wedding and didn’t speak to each other for three months so they could work on themselves.

Obviously, Mackenzie’s advice wasn’t enough to keep her own marriage afloat, as she and Josh are currently in divorce proceedings.

In her TikTok, Mackenzie went on to say that she’s “not even the same person” she was in the Couples Court video. She said after watching herself in the video, it was the “cringiest” thing and it did “not age well.”

“So I am humbly here to say, ‘Never take relationship and love advice from me. Ever! Ever! I don’t know s**t!”

The Teen Mom OG alum’s dating life since split from Josh McKee

Since splitting from Josh, Mackenzie has admittedly tried her hand at dating after initially telling her fans that she wanted to wait at least one year before dipping her toes back into the dating pool.

However, after agreeing to go on a date with an unidentified man, Mackenzie revealed that her friends discovered he had lied about his “his name, job, dead baby mama, and criminal record.” After her experience, she said she was going to remain single.

Meanwhile, Josh has already gone public with the new woman in his life, Halie Lowery, who some have labeled a Mackenzie lookalike. Josh and Halie broadcast their romance when they shared photos of themselves on Instagram getting cozy in a bar earlier this month.

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