Teen Mom OG’s Mackenzie McKee shares her journey after losing her mother to cancer

Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie McKee reveals she’s holding on after losing her mother in December. Pic credit: MTV

It has been almost a month since Mackenzie McKee said goodbye to her mother, Angie Douthit.

For almost 2 years, Angie fought stage four cancer and she outlived the doctor’s predictions by almost 6 months. However, on December 9, Angie had to say goodbye to her family as she passed away late at night.

Mackenzie didn’t say much around the time of her mother’s death, but she’s opening up on Twitter, documenting how she got through the holidays without her beloved mother.

Just yesterday, she revealed that she would be doing fine one minute and then “have a level 10 mental breakdown out of no where.”

Earlier this month, she revealed that one of her favorite things is looking back at the pictures and videos of her mother she took before she passed away. She admits that it may have driven her mother crazy, but that she has no regrets at all.

Mackenzie admitted that, while she’s usually all about partying and having fun New Year’s Eve, she decided that she would treat it as any other day. As she pointed out in her heartbreaking tweet, her wounds wouldn’t go away come midnight, so it would be better to just go to bed. However, she did add that she is trying.

One great thing is that she has friends who rally around her during this difficult time. She posted a tweet about two of her friends driving to see her over the holiday season.

Mackenzie has even contemplated getting a tattoo of her mother’s thumbprint. One follower shared her tattoo of a thumbprint and a heart rate reading. Mackenzie admitted that she didn’t have her mother’s heart rate, but she did love the idea.

Even though the holiday season was hard on Mackenzie, she did reflect on her mother’s strength just one year prior, where she ran a 5K race while being in pain.

But she did share one tweet that seemed to hit home with many of her followers – “so when will I feel human again?”

Many of her followers reached out with similar feelings after losing their parents. Even though Mackenzie may be struggling with her feelings now, it appears she has a large supportive network in her Teen Mom fan base.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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