Mackenzie McKee proves abs are ‘made in the kitchen’ in stunning workout selfie

Mackenzie McKee records a video on IG
Mackenzie showed her fans how she maintains her toned physique with diet and exercise. Pic credit: @mackenziemckee/Instagram

Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie McKee certainly puts her love and knowledge of fitness to good use.

The petite fitness trainer knows a thing or two about how to fuel her body and stay looking fantastic.

Mackenzie recently took to her Instagram Stories to share some tips and tricks with her 1 million followers during a Q&A.

One of Mackenzie’s followers was curious about how to “reduce love handles and achieve abs.”

Mackenzie answered with a photo of herself, mid-workout, donning a red sports bra and black leggings. Mackenzie’s photo proved that she clearly knows how to achieve toned abs, and she added her advice.

“Remember your abs are Made in the kitchen,” Mackenzie answered.

Mackenzie McKee shares tips for achieving toned abs

And speaking of how Mackenzie makes her abs in the kitchen, in another slide, she shared a photo of her breakfast. The meal consisted of toast, avocado, fried eggs, and chia seeds.

As a fitness instructor, Mackenzie knows that exercise is just as important as diet. She shared her insight with another curious fan who wanted to know how to sculpt their body without having to hit a public gym.

Mackenzie told her fans they don’t need a gym membership to reach their fitness goals. She recommended finding something that piques their interest, such as an online dance/fitness class tailored towards their individual goals, whether it be to lose fat or gain muscle.

Lastly, Mackenzie shared her height and weight after another curious follower asked. As it turns out, Mackenzie is on the dainty side – she’s 4′ 11′, and her weight typically fluctuates between 105 and 110 pounds.

Mackenzie has been active her entire life. When she was younger, she was involved in competitive cheer, cross country, and bodybuilding shows. As a Type 1 diabetic, she makes her health a priority.

Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie’s Body By Mac program delivers online workouts

Her experience with bodybuilding brought her plenty of knowledge about the industry, and it’s become her passion, inspiring her to launch her Body By Mac online fitness business.

“After doing one on one training for 2 years, I decided to design at-home workouts that people can do all around the world right from their homes,” Mackenzie explains on her Body By Mac website. “And that’s how BodyByMac came about.”

Mackenzie has employed the help of her brother, Zeke, and sister, Kaylee to “create the perfect combination of a good all-around fitness program.”

Mackenzie focuses on cardio and yoga, admittedly her strong points in her program. She offers her clients a variety of online workouts using medicine balls, bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, chairs, and ankle weights.

On her website, in addition to her fitness programs, Mackenzie’s clients can purchase her book, Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes, shop her everyday essentials on her Amazon storefront, and shop Justice Nutrition’s products, who she’s teamed with as an ambassador.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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