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Mackenzie McKee called ‘stupid’ for using a Whitney Houston song while dressed as Selena Quintanilla

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom OG
Mackenzie McKee came under fire for her choice of songs for a video. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee can’t seem to catch a break lately when it comes to being criticized on social media.

Mackenzie was recently smack-dab in the middle of a Teen Mom OG feud involving her castmates Cheyenne Floyd and Maci Bookout.

Mackenzie McKee’s Teen Mom OG feud

During filming for the Teen Mom OG reunion, Maci Bookout shared a video of the cast shooting promotional photos, but Mackenzie was visibly absent.

When Teen Mom OG viewers began questioning why, Mackenzie blamed it on Cheyenne Floyd, commenting, “Chey hates me so I did it solo.”

Maci fired back at Mackenzie in the comments, taking their castmate Cheyenne Floyd’s side in the matter.

Cheyenne chimed in and explained that her and Mackenzie’s feud from this spring was reignited, hence her choosing not to talk to Mackenzie.

Cheyenne also accused Mackenzie of “bullying” in a detailed rant, writing off her castmate.

Mackenzie then deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts amid the hate she was receiving online, including trolls telling her that her mother, Angie Douthit, deserved to die of cancer.

Teen Mom OG fans mock Mackenzie McKee for her song choice

Now, Teen Mom OG fans are throwing major shade Mackenzie’s way once again and this time it’s over a song choice for a video.

On Halloween morning, Mackenzie shared a TikTok video to her Instagram feed. She and her daughter, Jaxie, both dressed up as Selena Quintanilla, each sporting different outfits as they danced and lip-synced.

For the video, Mackenzie chose the song I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston, which Teen Mom OG fans felt was an odd choice, rather than playing one of Selena’s songs.

One Teen Mom OG fan took to Reddit where they shared a screenshot of Mackenzie’s video in a post they called, “Does Mackenzie think Selena sang ‘I wanna dance with somebody’? She posted a video on ig.”

Other Teen Mom OG fans showed up in the comments and expressed their confusion over Mackenzie’s song choice and felt she made herself look “stupid.”

teen mom og fans called out mackenzie mckee on reddit over her song choice for a selena costume
Teen Mom OG fans called out Mackenzie. Pic credit: u/RoyalMouse/Reddit

“Every time I think she can’t make herself more stupid, she proves me wrong,” commented one Redditor. “It’s actually amazing how dumb this chick is.”

Another Teen Mom OG fan wondered if Mackenzie even knew who Selena was and asked, “Does Mackenzie even know who’s Selena Quintanilla is? Don’t disrespect the queen , we love and miss you Selena 🤍”

One Redditor insinuated that Mackenzie truly didn’t know that the song she chose was from another artist.

“If this were literally anyone else I would say that maybe Jaxie just wanted to play that song because she loves it or I’d be able to come up with some other story about what may have happened, but this is Mack,” their comment read.

They continued, “So I’m going to say yes, there is a very strong possibility that she thinks Selena sang I Wanna Dance with Somebody.”

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.