Mackenzie Edwards reacts to Ryan Edwards’ jail time: ‘Hopefully he’ll get more’

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Mackenzie records a video to discuss domestic violence. Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

Former Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards is hoping that her soon-to-be ex-husband, Ryan Edwards, gets more jail time.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Ryan was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days in jail.

Ryan faced Judge Gary Starnes in a Tennessee courtroom on April 20. A state’s attorney took the stand to state that the MTV alum is a “danger to himself and the public.”

Although Ryan will spend nearly the next year in jail, his estranged wife, Mackenzie, feels that he deserves more time behind bars.

Mackenzie attended Ryan’s Hamilton County Court hearing on April 20 and spoke with a reporter from The Sun.

In response to Ryan’s nearly one-year-long sentence, Mackenzie said, “It’s a start. He’s an addict. There are four other charges pending.”

Mackenzie Edwards on Ryan Edwards’ jail sentence: ‘Hopefully he’ll get more’

Ryan’s other pending charges include harassment, two counts of possession of controlled substances, and DUI.

“Hopefully, he’ll get more,” Mackenzie added, also noting, “I have a job – they don’t like this is going on.”

After six years of marriage, Mackenzie filed for divorce from Ryan in February 2023, shortly after his first arrest on charges of harassment (warrant), possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled substance.

Mackenzie has since been awarded custody of her and Ryan’s two children, Jagger, 4, and Stella, 3.

Ryan’s February arrest was the first of three for him in the past few months. Less than three weeks after his first arrest, Ryan was picked up and allegedly charged with “Stalking and Violation of an Order of Protection.” The Order of Protection was in place for Mackenzie’s safety.

In April 2023, Ryan was arrested for the third time, this time reportedly for (DUI) and possession of a controlled substance. Allegedly, police officers found Ryan in the driver’s seat of his truck — which was still running and in drive — after he overdosed on drugs and crashed into a curb.

Reports state that Ryan was “unconscious and unresponsive,” and medics had to administer Narcan — a drug used to reverse the effects of certain types of drugs — to revive him. Eventually, police said Ryan regained consciousness in an ambulance and allegedly refused a blood test once he arrived at the hospital.

Ryan’s antics came on the heels of several Instagram tirades in which he took aim at Mackenzie. The 35-year-old father of three accused her of cheating on him, called her lewd names, and shared a photo of her half-dressed.

Most recently, Ryan presumably trashed the home he once shared with Mackenzie and their young children. Footage of the destruction revealed that the house was in shambles, with broken glass, feces, and Mackenzie’s belongings scattered on the floors. Even Jagger and Stella’s bedrooms were torn apart in the destruction.

Spray-painted vulgar messages covered the walls, and the refrigerator was turned on its side, its contents spilled on the kitchen floor. According to police reports, Ryan’s belongings were left untouched during the rampage.

Ryan purportedly told officers that he wasn’t responsible for the damage, claiming he was at his parents’ Jen and Larry Edwards’ home during the event. Instead, Ryan claimed it was “the person that was with [Mackenzie],” per recent reports.

Other than her statements to The Sun following Ryan’s recent hearing, Mackenzie has remained quiet on social media, other than sharing cryptic quotes. Meanwhile, Ryan remains in jail — where he has been held since April 7 without bail — and is due back in court on June 12.

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