Mackenzie Edwards claims Maci Bookout ignored her attempts to ‘make peace,’ says ‘Maci is all about Maci’

Maci Bookout of Teen Mom OG and Mackenzie Edwards
Mackenzie Edwards said Maci Bookout has ignored her text attempts to “make peace.” Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie Edwards claimed that her husband’s baby mama Maci Bookout ignored her text attempts to “make peace.”

Tensions between the Edwards and Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney reached a boiling point last season on Teen Mom OG.

Mackenzie’s husband, Ryan Edwards, refused to sit with Maci and Taylor during the reunion special, so his parents, Jen and Larry Edwards took his place.

Things took a left turn when Larry and Taylor went head-to-head and things nearly turned physical before Maci and Taylor left the set.

In March 2020, Ryan and his entire family were fired from MTV, a move they blamed on Maci Bookout.

Mackenzie Edwards claims Maci Bookout ignored her texts

Since then, Mackenzie claims she has repeatedly reached out to Maci to try and mend their relationship, to no avail.

Mackenzie spoke with The Sun and explained that despite her attempts to reconcile for the sakes of Bentley and his siblings, Maci has snubbed her with silence.

“I have reached out to Maci to make peace and settle the score a couple of times and I’ve heard nothing back. I sent her a text a couple of weeks ago and one in March,” Mackenzie told The Sun.

Ryan’s wife continued, “I just said I would love to meet up and talk over lunch to clear the air and make things better.”

Mackenzie says ‘Maci is all about Maci’

Mackenzie didn’t mince words when speaking about Maci’s intentions. “Maci is all about Maci and anybody that gets in Maci’s way or doesn’t do what Maci wants gets cut out,” the former Teen Mom OG star added.

Mackenzie also claimed that she and Ryan have owned up to their past mistakes and learned from them, but Mackenzie doesn’t feel that Maci gives people second chances.

“Nobody is saying that Ryan hasn’t made mistakes, nobody is saying that I haven’t made mistakes. We own that, we’ve made mistakes but we’ve also learned from them,” Mackenzie added, referencing Ryan’s long battle with drug addiction.

Mackenzie continued, “We’re allowed to grow as people and to change but Maci doesn’t allow for anybody to change in her mind.”

Mackenzie also felt strongly about what she feels are Maci’s objectives, especially when it comes to the life she wants to portray on Teen Mom 2.

“It’s all about Maci and Maci making money and portraying on television that they’re one big happy family when they have skeletons in their closet that they don’t want out there either,” the 24-year-old mom of three added.

Maci and Ryan have been feuding over Bentley for years on Teen Mom OG

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Mackenzie’s husband Ryan Edwards recently claimed that Maci hasn’t let him see their son, Bentley, in over a month.

“We haven’t seen Bentley for over a month,” Ryan said of his family. “I haven’t seen him, my mom and dad haven’t seen him, nobody has seen him.”

Ryan also claimed that Maci shut down the therapy sessions that Bentley was attending with his dad.

“I did go to therapy with Bentley — Maci has kind of put a halt on everything after my dad and Taylor had that argument,” Ryan said, noting the feud that took place during last season’s Teen Mom OG reunion.

Ryan also agreed that Maci “poisoned” their son Bentley against him. When asked if he thought Maci “poisoned” Bentley, Ryan said, “A little bit, it feels like it. It hurts and it’s painful, for sure.”

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