Maci Bookout models in new TTM shoot: What you need to know about the clothing line

Maci Bookout for TTM
Maci Bookout wearing a TTM shirt on Teen Mom. Pic credit: MTV

Maci Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, both model in the newest collection for TTM — Things That Matter — the clothing line that they both own.

In the photo shoot, Maci and Taylor show off their flirtatious side and she’s sporting red bottoms, the expensive high-heeled shoes from Christian Louboutin.

As Taylor notes in his tweet, this is his favorite line to date.

The TTM brand has been part of the Teen Mom OG storyline for years, but where did this idea come from? TTM was actually an existing company that they wanted to buy.

It was launched in California but they purchased the company and relocated it to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

On Teen Mom OG, Taylor told Maci that it had always been his dream to own his own clothing line and they decided to buy an existing company rather than start from the ground up.

His big dream was to make it a massive success and the Teen Mom OG audience was surely a good way to get there.

Little is known about the operations behind the scenes. The official website doesn’t have an about page or a biography, so all that’s really known about the TTM brand is what is shared on Teen Mom OG.

The company’s Facebook description reveals that the brand is meant to motivate a community of dream chasers — and of course, put the emphasis on achieving things that matter in people’s personal lives.

It should be noted that Taylor McKinney and Maci Bookout did not come up with the name, Things That Matter.

In November 2015, Bookout revealed that she and Taylor had completed a business entrepreneurship academy program with LAUNCH.

At the time, Maci revealed that it was a huge accomplishment for them, as they did it with two kids, two dogs, and two jobs. It would later be revealed to be related to the purchase of TTM.

The t-shirt business started by simply producing t-shirts with a leather pocket over the chest. It became a signature look for the brand. They would later expand the product line to include both male and female shirts, and kids apparel. As of November 2018, the company also offers accessories, including baseball hats and totes.

On Reddit, it appears that not all Teen Mom OG fans were thrilled about the prices and the sizes offered through TTM. One person noted that at the time they only offered shorts in sizes XS-M and that the prices were too high. A t-shirt retailed for over $30.

It appears that they have changed the sizes now though, with sizes S-XXL available.

The company has also made headlines due to their business activities. Radar Online reported in late 2016 that TTM Lifestyle, LCC had been inactive since that summer because they didn’t file an annual report. This was confirmed via the Tennessee Secretary of State website.

However, it didn’t mean that the business was no longer valid. In fact, a $70 refiling fee and addressing the missed documents appeared to solve the problem.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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