Maci Bookout Instagram: Did Maci’s Halloween include Mackenzie Edwards?

Maci Bookout, Taylor McKinney and their kids dressed up for Halloween as Scooby Doo characters
Maci and her family dressed up as the Scooby Doo characters for Halloween. Pic credit: @macideshanebookout/Instagram

Maci Bookout celebrated Halloween last night and she shared the family’s costumes on her Instagram account. The family all celebrated together, going out to trick-or-treat as the Scooby Doo cast.

Fans thought their costumes were amazing with Bentley going as Shaggy Rogers, Taylor going as Fred Jones, Jayde as Velma Dinkley, Maci as Daphne and Maverick as Scooby Doo.

And while Maci Bookout’s Instagram followers couldn’t stop gushing about her costume choices, some people noticed that Bentley was actually in two costumes throughout the night. As it turns out, Mackenzie Edwards also spent time with Bentley last night.

Ryan Edwards is currently in rehab to deal with an addiction to drugs. While in rehab, he missed the birth of his son Jagger, who was born earlier in October.

But Mackenzie still took the time to hang out with Bentley on Halloween. She posted a photo on her own Instagram account with Bentley dressed up as a football player.

Some fans saw Mackenzie’s post, making Maci’s fans question whether Mackenzie was part of Maci’s Halloween celebrations. It doesn’t appear that they all went out together as Bentley switched costumes.

On previous seasons of Teen Mom OG, Maci and Ryan have often argued about who gets to take Bentley trick-or-treating and if drama did play out, it’s possible it will be featured on Teen Mom OG.

As for Ryan, he has revealed no plans about when he’s set to come home. However, Ryan has also said that he won’t be filming Teen Mom OG this season, so his return home to his family may not be featured in the news.

As for Maci, she continues to film Teen Mom OG and discussing Ryan’s issues. On this season of the show, she has already discussed Ryan’s threats towards her family, including his comments about coming to her house and shooting her husband Taylor.

Teen Mom OG airs on Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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