Luann de Lesseps booed off stage after drunken piano takeover at Manhattan piano bar

LuAnn de Lesseps
Luann de Lesseps singing onstage on RHONY. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps was reported to have been kicked out of a piano bar in Manhattan on Wednesday night after taking over the mic and drunkenly singing.

The incident happened at Manhattan musical hotspot Townhouse, where the Countess was with Tony Award-winning Kinky Boots producer Jim Kierstead for a fun night out that took a wrong turn after too much champagne at dinner beforehand.

However, the cabaret star denies having been kicked out, saying she and her pals simply left because of an early rehearsal in the morning.

Luann de Lesseps was having a little too much fun at Townhouse

Luann appeared to be already intoxicated when she took the mic at the bar and began singing her own song, Money Can’t Buy You Class, but they don’t know it, they know standards,” said a source. The OG Housewife tried to argue with the piano player that “it’s a hit!” but they weren’t buying it. The courtesy at a piano bar is that you can sing a song or two before moving on, but de Lesseps was apparently unwilling to give up the mic, reportedly “belting out jumbled versions of songs,” according to a bar patron.

Things reportedly got out of hand when the crowd turned on Luann, booing her. She started yelling back, shouting “f**k you” to the crowd while still hoarding the microphone. In the end, Lu was reportedly thrown out for “getting aggressive with the bar’s customers.”

Luann’s friend who accompanied her to the bar reported that it was fans asking her to sing, not her rushing the stage. James stated, “She was met by legions of her fans and was convinced to sing for them. Of course, she was the belle of the ball as usual.”

She and her friends claim they left on their own and were not throw out of the bar.

Luann spoke on the alleged eviction from the bar, telling Daily Mail on Thursday, “I went out and I was feeling all Jovani, but clearly money can’t buy you class, especially with an audience who doesn’t appreciate my music.” She continued, “[There is] certainly no girl code anymore. But I live to see another day — chic c’est la vie!”

Luann de Lesseps has struggled with issues with alcohol in the past

Luann was arrested in 2017 for battery, trespassing, and disorderly intoxication in Palm Beach, Florida. After her arrest, she voluntarily entered rehab for alcohol treatment. She returned to treatment in 2018, but after completing her probation, continued to drink socially.

The Countess quit drinking completely at the start of the pandemic and created her own non-alcoholic wine.

During her time on the show, she openly talked about her struggles with alcohol, but said she was in a very good place. She claimed that she will use this most recent incident of public intoxication as a learning lesson, and will take steps to make sure she doesn’t find herself in the same situation once more.

A Video was captured of Luann’s performance.

The Real Housewives of New York is currently on hiatus on Bravo

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