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LPBW’s Tori Roloff asks if she’s ‘done yet’ with pregnancy as she nears due date, feels ‘giant’

LPBW star Tori Roloff
Tori Roloff is over being pregnant and jokingly asks if she’s “done yet.” Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff is over being pregnant.

The 30-year-old pregnant mom of two is rapidly approaching her due date with baby number three, but she’s still got some time to go.

Tori and her husband, Zach Roloff, already share a son Jackson, 4, and a daughter Lilah, 2. Sadly, they suffered a miscarriage last year, so baby number three is their rainbow baby.

As thankful as Tori is to be welcoming another child into her family soon, she’s also been upfront about her struggles during pregnancy.

Tori’s latest complaint? Feeling “giant” and not fitting into her maternity clothes any longer.

LPBW star Tori Roloff on pregnancy, ‘I just feel giant’

The LPBW star took to her Instagram stories this week to share some lighthearted pregnancy complaints with her 1.7 million followers.

“I’m at that point in pregnancy where my maternity clothes don’t even fit any more…” Tori grumbled. “I just feel giant.”

tori roloff's IG Story 1
Pic credit: @toriroloff/Instagram

The former elementary school teacher explained how she often compares her pregnancy body to others to make herself feel better.

“I’ll see some other girl online post about how big she is and be like oh my gosh we’re like the same size And then feel less huge,” Tori wrote.

But, there’s a catch, as Tori continued to explain, “And then I’ll read the rest of her caption only to find out she’s pregnant with twins. 🤦🏻‍♀️”

Tori jokingly asks LPBW fans if she’s ‘done yet’ with pregnancy

Next, she joked, “Am I done yet? Haha.”

Tori hasn’t shared her due date with her fans, but it’s likely soon, based on clues she’s provided. In December 2021, Tori told her fans she was halfway through her pregnancy, which would put her due date near early May, based on a typical 40-week gestation.

tori roloff's IG Story 2
Pic credit: @toriroloff/Instagram

In addition to feeling “giant,” Tori complained of heartburn, which disappeared but returned with a vengeance earlier this month. As Tori put it, it had her “dying in bed all day.”

Tori has also been open about struggling with her body image during pregnancy but told her followers that she tries to give herself grace and “love herself through pregnancy.”

Tori and Zach’s third child will mark the seventh grandchild in the Roloff family, joining Jackson and Lilah along with their cousins Ember, Bode, Radley, and Mateo.

Although Tori and Zach have chosen to keep their third baby’s gender a surprise until the birth, some LPBW fans think they’ve provided some clues, and many of them guessed it would be another boy. As Zach said of finding out the gender, “We’re not gonna find out if it’s a boy or a girl. We’re doing that tie-breaker thing.”

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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