LPBW: Zach Roloff has ‘no interest’ in helping on Roloff Farms, Tori says it’s no longer a ‘place of joy’

Zach and Tori Roloff confessionals
Roloff Farms isn’t the same since farm negotiations fell through. Pic credit: TLC

Zach and Tori Roloff reflect on Roloff Farms’ former “glory days” in the latest episode of Little People, Big World.

Ever since negotiations with his dad, Matt Roloff, to purchase the north side of the farm fell through, Zach has no interest in taking part in pumpkin season at Roloff Farms.

In the most recent episode of LPBW, Zach and Tori travel from their Washington home to visit Amy Roloff and Chris Marek in Oregon.

During their outdoor lunch, Chris asks Zach whether he’ll be involved in this year’s pumpkin season.

“No,” Zach says, “No interest, no whatever.” Zach’s mom, Amy, also chimes in and notes that she’s been debating whether she wants to participate in pumpkin season too.

Formerly, Zach served as the tour guide during pumpkin season, while Amy’s role was the face of pumpkin season, dressing up in her variety of costumes and greeting visitors.

When Matt listed the north side of the farm for sale, it changed the Roloff family’s outlook on pumpkin season moving forward. During a confessional, Amy admits that the sale of the farm would likely deter her kids from participating this year.

LPBW spoiler: Zach Roloff has ‘no interest’ in pumpkin season, Amy Roloff unsure about helping

“Sometimes I think it’s best just to end it while you still have a good thought, a good memory about it,” Amy shares. For her part, she wants to wait until she talks to Matt before she decides to help with pumpkin season.

During his confessional, Zach says, “Time does change how you feel about things. I will not regret if this is the last year of pumpkin season and we did not, like, participate or anything. Like, the glory days when we met when it was all of our friends working… that was 12 years ago. Those are over.”

Tori agrees and adds, “The farm is not, like, a place of joy for me anymore.”

2022 pumpkin season at Roloff Farms

LPBW viewers who follow the Roloffs on social media know that this year’s pumpkin season went off without a hitch. Amy eventually decided that she would continue her role on the farm alongside Chris. Matt and Amy’s son Jacob and his wife Isabel were also on hand this year, as well as Matt’s longtime girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Not in attendance for the 2022 pumpkin season, however, were twin brothers Zach and Jeremy Roloff and their sister, Molly.

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