LPBW: Which of the Roloffs are helping at the farm during this year’s pumpkin season?

Roloff Farms entrance sign
With a different family dynamic this year among the Roloffs, which family members are helping with pumpkin season at the farm? Pic credit: @rolofffarms/Instagram

Pumpkin season during the month of October is Roloff Farms’ busiest time of the year — so which members of the Roloff family are helping this season?

Matt and Amy Roloff’s roles during pumpkin season

Matt is known as the Commander of Roloff Farms, and for years, he has been the one who makes the major decisions on the farm.

The 60-year-old TLC star takes pride in working hard every year to make Roloff Farms’ pumpkin season a success.

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The coronavirus pandemic put a damper on things last year, but the Roloffs were able to pull off a fun family experience that’s still COVID-19-friendly for this year’s festivities.

With Matt at the helm, his ex-wife Amy always took pride in greeting visitors at the farm during pumpkin season. And although she moved off the farm, she’s still a part of the family’s biggest moneymaker.

Amy, the “face of pumpkin season,” as her son Zach called her, dresses up every October in a variety of costumes and poses with fans for pics during meet-and-greets.

Which LPBW siblings are helping during pumpkin season on Roloff Farms?

In years past, Zach was in charge of giving personal tours around the farm, but according to Roloff Farms’ website, they have halted private tours this year as a COVID-19 precaution.

Matt and Amy’s other sons, Jeremy and Jacob, have been spotted at the farm this season with their wives, Audrey and Isabel.

Isabel is even featured in one of Roloff Farms’ photos on their Instagram Feed, donning a Roloff Farms-embroidered apron, alongside her mother-in-law, Amy Roloff.

Isabel’s husband, Jacob, the youngest of the Roloff siblings, has also been spotted helping out during pumpkin season this year.

Matt Roloff shared a picture of himself seated next to Jacob on one of their Kawasaki mules on the first day of this year’s pumpkin season.

“Who’s excited?! Pumpkin season 2021 has officially arrived! Day one took off without a hitch, these two helped make sure of it ?? Watch our stories to see all of the fun to be had on the farm this season, and click the link in our bio to grab tickets?” Matt excitedly told his fans on October 2.

Jeremy and Audrey keep busy with their two young kids and are expecting their third child any day now and have been spotted at the farm, but only for a photo op in the pumpkin patch with Ember and Bode.

Molly, the Roloffs’ youngest child, and only daughter, lives in Spokane, Washington, and doesn’t typically make the trek to Hillsboro, Oregon for pumpkin season.

Of course, Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, was in charge of pumpkin season for over 10 years before she stepped down from her position. However, Caryn is still instrumental in helping Matt every season on the farm.

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