LPBW viewers think Matt Roloff selling the farm had more to do with Caryn than making a profit

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff of LPBW
LPBW viewers think Matt might have been swayed by Caryn to sell the farm. Pic credit: @carynchandler1/Instagram

Little People, Big World viewers think Matt Roloff’s intentions for selling the north side of the farm had more to do with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler than making a profit.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Matt listed 16 of Roloff Farms’ 109 acres for sale in May 2022. The LPBW patriarch cited needing a change as his reason for selling the farmhouse where he and his ex-wife Amy Roloff raised their four kids, Zach, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob.

Matt told his Instagram followers it was “time to move toward the next season of life,” listing the property for a whopping $4 million.

The listing, which is still active, has stirred up plenty of controversy among the family as well as LPBW viewers.

Recently, fans of the show debated Matt’s motives for listing the farm for sale, and some think it might not be all in an effort to profit financially.

In a recent Reddit post, LPBW viewers discussed Matt’s possible motives for selling the family’s farm, and some felt that Matt’s longtime girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, is mostly to blame.

LPBW viewers debate Matt Roloff’s intentions for selling Roloff Farms

“Sometimes I think money isn’t the motivation for not selling the farm to his children,” the Redditor’s post read. “If one of the kids buy the farm it still stays semi the same from previous years.”

“Amy would still be at the farm visiting her children / grandchildren and this is not something Caryn wants. She’d like Amy not to be a familiar face at the farm anymore.”

lpbw viewers took to reddit to discuss matt roloff's motives for listing the farm for sale
Pic credit: u/mallebaugh/Reddit

Other LPBW viewers chimed in, with one claiming that Caryn is looking forward to building a brand new house with the profits from selling the farmhouse, from which Amy netted $667,000.

“Yeah for real Caryn is far from poor, why does she care so much about Matt getting the best possible deal from the farm?” read another Redditor’s comment. “She really wants that brand new house from the sale of it and marriage so she doesn’t have to deplete her savings. She knows Matt’s probably gonna make a mega mansion cuz he can’t ever stop lol.”

Was Matt influenced by girlfriend Caryn Chandler to sell the farm?

Another LPBW viewer disagreed and felt the motive was, indeed, money: “No, it’s money because [Caryn] won’t live in Amys old house so now instead of keeping it in the family he’s seeing dollar signs.”

One Redditor had some choice words aimed at Caryn and her intentions. “Caryn is such a sleeze…repeatedly saying how THEY couldn’t accept the offer, talking about how much work the ‘farm’ is, how she just can’t live in the big house…basically planted all the seeds to sell$$$ then gets fake emotional says are you sure you want to sell so it comes off that she had nothing to do with that property leaving Roloff ownership,” their comment read.

“Bravo, Skagg, Bravo,” they continued. “Yeah, I see you hooker, F**k that grifting, manipulating b***h. Was Matt seeing dollar signs or did his girlfriend Caryn force her opinion on him?”

As LPBW viewers learned, twin brothers Zach and Jeremy Roloff each put their hats in the ring with the intention of living on the farm with their families. However, negotiations fell through for both of Matt and Amy’s sons, leaving the future of Roloff Farms uncertain.

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