LPBW viewers react to Matt Roloff’s shocking admission: He’s leaving the farm to Amy

matt and amy roloff season 25 confessionals
Matt made an astounding confession in Episode 1 of Little People, Big World Season 25. Pic credit: Discovery+

Matt Roloff made a surprising admission during Little People, Big World Season 25, Episode 1: he’s leaving the farm to his ex-wife, Amy Roloff.

Season 25 of the long-running TLC show kicked off this week, and viewers were shocked to discover that Matt has Amy’s best interests in mind … long after he’s gone, nonetheless.

When Amy and her husband, Chris Marek, visited Roloff Farms to take their dog, Daisy, for a snowy stroll, Matt invited them back to the farmhouse to see what he’d done to the garage.

Matt and his now-fiancee, Caryn Chandler, greeted Amy and Chris, and during their sit-down fireside chat, Matt contemplated whether or not he should spill the tea to Amy.

“Should I tell her?” Matt asked Caryn, who encouraged him to go through with it.

Matt revealed to Amy, “When I die, we’re giving whatever piece of the farm I still have to Amy.”

Caryn also noted that she will not inherit any portion of the farm, whether she and Matt get married or not.

Amy Roloff is shocked at her ex Matt Roloff’s offer in the LPBW Season 25 opener

Amy looked as though she thought Matt was joking, smiling and shaking her head in disbelief.

“I, I, I … I don’t even know how to comment on that,” Amy told Matt.

But LPBW viewers on X (formerly Twitter) did know how to comment on Matt’s proposal, and that’s exactly what they did.

Taking to the social media platform, TLC shared a clip of the segment in a post captioned, “Matt reveals that he will leave the farm to Amy?! Tune in to the season premiere of #LPBW on Tuesday, February 20 at 9/8c, to see her reaction to this surprising news.”

LPBW fans chimed in, giving their opinions on the matter, and there were mixed reactions.

LPBW viewers react to Matt’s offer and Amy’s response

“That’s too generous of him. She doesn’t deserve it,” wrote one of Matt’s supporters.

lpbw viewers comment on amy and matt roloff's scene on X
LPBW viewers weigh in. Pic credit: @Alexoo4/@ursmason/@k_karlena/X

Another X user commented they wouldn’t believe Matt’s news “until paperwork is done and verified.”

Echoing the sentiment that talk is cheap, another LPBW viewer commented that they’ll believe it when Matt “actually does the paperwork!”

One of Amy’s critics called her out for her reaction, writing, “Gee Amy, the correct response would have been ‘thank you’. Can’t stand her.”

lpbw viewers comment on amy and matt roloff's scene on X
LPBW fans weigh in again. Pic credit: @CookieDough59/@Newenglandlight/@coylecalkins/X

Others commented on Caryn’s involvement, expressing shock that she isn’t interested in getting any of Matt’s property.

“[Caryn] lets get that in writing!!!!!” voiced one such commenter.

Amy Roloff elaborates on how she feels about Matt leaving her the farm

During a solo confessional following Matt’s revelation, Amy admitted to TLC’s producers that she was “absolutely surprised,” and thought that Matt was joking.

“What Matt said, I didn’t take seriously,” Amy admitted. “Statements like that, you know … in one ear, out the other.”

And apparently, Amy shared the same thoughts as several LPBW viewers, adding, “It’s like, you know, I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Season 25 of Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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