LPBW: Tori Roloff opens up about ‘rough day,’ reminds moms they’re ‘not alone’

Tori Roloff of LPBW
Tori Roloff on Little People Big World. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff showed her fans what a relatable mom she is when she opened up about a “rough” day she had.

Tori has a lot going on these days, as she and her husband Zach Roloff recently moved to Washington and welcomed their third child, son Josiah.

Raising three kids is no easy feat, as she’s also dealing with 5-year-old Jackson and 2-year-old Lilah, while taking care of a newborn.

In addition to sharing her story with viewers on LPBW, Tori shares a lot of her personal life with her 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

The 31-year-old TLC star took to her Instagram Stories this week to share that she was struggling to get through a tough day.

Tori included a photo of Jackson playing outside along with her message, which read, “Ugh. Today was a slightly rough day for me.”

Tori Roloff recounts ‘rough day’ to LPBW fans

She continued to explain how her busy day got the best of her: “I hate when the day starts out great (I went to the gym and got coffee alone) but I just felt overstimulated all day long.”

Tori told her fans that she was dealing with a lot of “work stuff” on top of cleaning the house and admitted, “And then I felt like I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted to with my kids or my husband.”

tori roloff shared her rough day with fan in her IG stories
Pic credit: @toriroloff/Instagram

In another slide, Tori this time included a black-and-white photo of Lilah and elaborated on what else happened during her day that had her feeling overwhelmed.

“It ended with Jackson making a red choice (honestly a rare occasion for him) and having to miss out on fun stuff with dad,” Tori added. Some parents offer their children “red” or “green” choices to teach them expected behaviors. A “red” choice would be one that results in a consequence.

tori roloff shared her rough day with fellow moms in IG stories
Pic credit: @toriroloff/Instagram

That wasn’t all that got to Tori, though. In addition to feeling overstimulated, overwhelmed by work and chores, and dealing with Jackson’s behavioral issues, Tori experienced another ordeal that had her at her wit’s end.

“To top it all off… I’m pretty sure our dishwasher is broken,” Tori added, before reminding her fellow mom fans that they aren’t the only ones to have rough days.

Tori acknowledged that everything overwhelming her wasn’t terribly significant but slowly added up over the course of the day, causing her to feel overstimulated.

“All of us moms get overstimulated and touched out. Not sure why I’m writing this, but hopefully it’s to let you know you’re not alone!” Tori told her fans.

Tori has faced scrutiny for her parenting

Tori knows that parenting while in the public eye can make things even harder to cope with at times, and noted earlier this year, “I think that I’ve been judged every minute of my life for how I raise my kids and what I do.”

Tori said of trolls who criticize her parenting, “I just can’t worry about what everyone else thinks.”

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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