LPBW star Matt Roloff responds to critic who accused him of being ‘greedy’

Matt Roloff on YouTube.
One of Matt’s critics accused him of being “greedy,” and the LPBW star fired back. Pic credit: Matt Roloff/YouTube

Matt Roloff found himself on the defensive after a Little People, Big World critic called him “greedy.”

Matt’s decision to list the north side of Roloff Farms for sale after failed negotiations with his sons Jeremy and Zach didn’t sit well with many LPBW viewers.

LPBW fans felt Matt should have kept the farm in the family and been more agreeable about negotiating a deal to keep the farm in the family.

In a recent Instagram share intended to be lighthearted, Matt defended his actions after a critic asked him a snarky question.

In Matt’s Instagram carousel post, he shared with his followers that he was headed to sunny Arizona to spend some time with his mom, Peggy Roloff, AKA Hunny, now that pumpkin season has ended on Roloff Farms.

Matt was met with a few remarks in the comments section that caught his attention and not necessarily in a good way.

Matt Roloff fires back at LPBW critic who accuses him of being ‘greedy’

“Quick question.. was your greed worth giving up access to your children and grandchildren?” asked one of Matt’s followers, adding, “I’m gonna pray for you Matt.”

Matt replied, telling the commenter, “@dccelebrityone quick answer. Yes! important life lessons are hard.”

Another one of Matt’s critics showed up in the comment thread, questioning whether what LPBW viewers see on the show is fake.

Matt Roloff responds to a critic in the comments of his Instagram post.
Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram

“When you say things like you never wanted the children you didn’t wanna leave a legacy go back to the 1st season that is what you strived for was leaving a legacy to your children and children’s children I guess that’s not real,” read the other comment from a critic.

Matt responded, “@seattlelucy123 Sounds like you’re only hearing 1 of 4 voices. Maybe you watch too much tv.”

Matt Roloff responds to a critic on Instagram in the comments.
Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram

Is the Roloff family feud exaggerated for TV ratings?

This isn’t the first time LPBW viewers have wondered whether the family’s storyline is being exaggerated for TV ratings.

In May 2022, Matt was captured in a video shared by Tori Roloff in her Instagram Stories attending his grandson Jackson’s birthday party. This made many show fans wonder if Matt was really feuding with Zach and Tori. However, Tori and Zach relocated from Oregon to Washington after farm negotiations fell through, indicating genuine tension among the family.

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