LPBW star Amy Roloff explains why she doesn’t watch the show

Amy Roloff LPBW star
Amy says she doesn’t watch LPBW. Pic credit: @amyjroloff/Instagram

Amy Roloff has starred in Little People, Big World for 23 seasons, but the TLC star says she can’t bring herself to watch the episodes.

Ahead of Season 24 of LPBW, ET’s Cassie DiLaura sat down with Amy and her husband of one year, Chris Marek, to discuss what viewers can expect.

While talking with Amy, DiLaura asked whether it was difficult to relive certain things when she watched the episodes back. That’s when Amy revealed that she doesn’t watch the show that catapulted her family to fame in 2006.

“Well, I think for Chris and I, we probably have a little difference of it cuz I typically do not watch my own episodes,” Amy revealed. “Because of the very fact that I did it, I’ve lived it six months ago. And then over the years, I’ve said, ‘Oh boy, man, they really had to capture that? Should’ve changed that! Should’ve said that different.’ And so I don’t want to constantly feel like I’m looking back.”

However, Amy noted that Chris “loves” watching the episodes. Therefore, Amy will indulge since Chris likes to watch, but only while in the background, “doing something else.”

Chris sees it differently – he told DiLaura that he enjoys reliving those moments. When it comes to filming even more seasons in the future, though, Amy said she’s up for it.

Amy Roloff explains why she doesn’t watch Little People, Big World

Amy and Matt’s four kids – Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob – once all filmed with the family while their parents were still married. However, following their divorce, all but one decided to no longer share their personal lives with TLC’s cameras.

LPBW enters Season 24 after 16 years on TLC

Zach and his wife Tori Roloff still share their storyline with LPBW viewers, but his twin brother Jeremy and his wife Audrey stepped away from filming in 2018. Molly and Jacob have also chosen to steer clear of filming. Molly now lives in Washington with her husband, Joel Silvius, while Jacob, his wife Isabel, and their son Mateo stayed in Oregon near Roloff Farms.

In 2017, the Roloffs broke a Guinness World Record when their 298th episode aired. By 2018, they had broken 300 episodes after just 13 seasons, surpassing the highly popular reality shows Keeping Up with the Kardashians and 19 Kids and Counting.

Now heading into their 16th year on the air, LPBW viewers still have plenty in store, with Season 24 premiering this week.

Little People, Big World returns for Season 24 on Tuesday, November 1 at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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