LPBW Spoilers: Tori and Zach Roloff take son Jackson for a solo playdate that doesn’t go as planned

Zach, Tori, and Jackson Roloff of LPBW
On tonight’s episode of LPBW, Zach and Tori Roloff take Jackson on a solo play date, but it doesn’t exactly go as planned. Pic credit: TLC

On tonight’s episode of Little People, Big World, things didn’t exactly go as planned when Zach and Tori Roloff decided to take their son, Jackson, on a solo play date.

Tori and Zach sat in their living room, casually talking and playing with their kids, Jackson and Lilah, and brought up the topic of their kids vying for their attention.

Jackson has been challenging Tori and Zach

Tori told cameras that Jackson is “definitely a toddler” who challenges Tori and Zach “all the time” and competes against his little sister Lilah for their parents’ attention.

When it comes to Jackson challenging Tori and Zach, Tori admitted, “And, like, we don’t know how to handle it,” as cameras showed Jackson rambunctiously jumping on the couch.

Tori continued to tell the cameras, “We’re just like, ‘How do we nip this in the bud and get rid of it?'”

Tori and Zach decided to take Jackson on a solo playdate

Tori and Zach decided to take Jackson on a solo play date to give him some one-on-one attention, and Zach asked him, “Jackson, should we go to the snow?”

When Tori asked him if he wanted to go sledding, Jackson got excited and began running and yelling around the room.

Zach and Jackson Roloff of LPBW on TLC
Zach and Jackson sledding during their playdate. Pic credit: TLC

“Everything revolves around Lilah at the minute,” Zach told cameras about Jackson, 4. Tori added, “But his personality craves attention more,” speaking of Jackson.

Tori added, “When Lilah does have our attention, he tends to just be loud and kind of obnoxious.”

Zach added that they decided it would be a good idea to take Jackson out with just his parents, and give him their undivided attention.

Matt Roloff agreed that Jackson needed some one-on-one time with Tori and Zach

Later in the episode, Zach met up with his dad, Matt, at the farm. When Zach explained his and Tori’s plans for taking Jackson on a solo play date, Matt thought it was a good idea.

“At one point, Jackson got all the attention. And now that Lilah is on the scene, it becomes harder to give him that one-on-one time that I think every kid deserves with their parents,” Matt told cameras.

Since Matt has trouble navigating Tori and Zach’s house, they had Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler (AKA Cha Cha) come over to stay with Lilah while they took Jackson to his playdate.

Zach and Jackson Roloff of LPBW on TLC
Zach and Jackson fell off their sled on their first run. Pic credit: TLC

Tori, Zach, Jackson and Murphy headed to Mount Hood, Oregon to sled

Tori and Zach got the kids up early to get in a fun day of sledding with Jackson (and the family dog, Murphy) at Mount Hood, Oregon.

Tori recently took a two-day solo trip with Jackson to Disneyland, while Zach stayed home with Lilah.

Initially, Tori wasn’t crazy about the idea of Jackson joining Zach on a sled, but Zach pleaded, “Tori, let him come with me.”

Jackson, who will eventually require surgery to correct the bowing in his legs, was excited and not scared at all, not knowing what to expect. Jackson sat in front of Zach on the two-seater sled as he held on “for dear life.”

Jackson’s first sled ride didn’t go as planned

As Zach slowly started down the hill on the sled, it looked as though the father-son duo was enjoying their sled ride — but it wasn’t long before they picked up speed, Zach lost his balance, and the two crashed into the snow.

Tori repeatedly said, “Oh, God” to herself as she helplessly watched Zach and Jackson cruising down the snow-covered hill, with Murphy chasing them.

Tori squealed, “Oh, no. Oh, no,” as Zach and Jackson’s sled swerved and the two were thrown onto the snow.

Eventually Jackson ended up having fun with Tori and Zach

It turned out that everyone was okay, and nobody was hurt. Zach laughed and was eventually able to convince Jackson to try sledding down the hill again, to end things on a good note.

“After we wiped out on the first run, we had to convince Jackson that sledding was safe. Otherwise, our entire one-on-one playdate would have been a bust,” Zach told the cameras.

Luckily, Jackson didn’t want to ride with his mom, because on Tori’s solo run down the hill, she hit a huge bump and ended up falling out of her inner tube and got thrown into the snow.

Overall, Jackson’s playdate ended on a high note, getting to spend some quality solo time with his parents, and no one ended up getting hurt.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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